Please contact 612-254-7373 or Email [email protected] With any questions or concerns.


Thank you for visiting the blog. It is dedicated to the roof replacement project. Please refer to the map for reference as to when your area of the community will be worked on. Please visit the blog periodically for project information, answers to frequently asked questions, and project status updates. We appreciate your patience during the project. 


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Shingle Replacement Notice




On-site Project Manager Tony Baker

Cell: 320-420-9408



Shingle color selected by the Board

“CertainTeed Landmark”

Building 1, 3, 5, & 7 Pewter


Buildings 2, 4, 6, & 8 Heather Blend

Buildings 9 & 10 Resawn Shake

Building 11 Driftwood



Equipment to be used during the project


All dates and proposed plans are “Weather Permitting” and subject to change with little notice


6/2/2023- The majority of the roof on building 11 will be completed by the end of the day. There may be some lower roofs that need to be completed on Monday, June 5th as well as final clean-up and equipment removal. Thanks to all for your cooperation and thank you to the roofers. This week was extremely hot and humid and they did a great job. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to the on-site project manager and he will be able to assist. You may also contact the main line or email [email protected]. Have a good weekend!



5/30/2023- There isn’t a high chance of rain for the day but there is some chance for most of the day. Out of an abundance of caution, there will not be any roofing completed today. The plan is to start building 11 tomorrow, weather permitting. 



5/26/2023- The second Terrace building was completed yesterday. The project manager was on-site today cleaning the site up. A final clean-up will take place after all work has been completed.

On Tuesday, May 30th the last building will start. The Regency 1244 County Rd. D is the largest of the buildings and is expected to take 3-4 days to complete. This building will require the use of a larger crane that will be set up and left in place until it’s no longer needed.

For this reason, the entire exterior parking lot will not be available for the duration of the work. Please make sure you have all vehicles or other items out of this area by 6:30 am on Tuesday, May 30th. If anything is left in the parking lot, you may be towed or will not be able to leave until the crane is removed. The parking garage will remain open for the duration of the work. When the roof above this area is being worked on there will be someone on the ground to ensure a safe exit or entrance. Please use caution when in this area. 

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation. The work is almost complete! Have a safe and great Memorial Day Weekend. 



5/23/2023- The first of the large buildings (Building 9 1256 County Rd. D) is going to be completed by the end of today. They will move to Building 10 (1244 Country Rd. D) tomorrow. This will take them the rest of the week. Below is an aerial view of where the crane and staging area will be.

On Tuesday, May 30th Building 11 will start. This building will take 3-5 days to complete. Once all of the buildings are completed a final clean-up of the entire community will take place.  




5/19/2023- The crew is finishing up with the last of the Hometown buildings today, building 8. On Monday, May 22nd, Building 9 of the Terrace will start.

To complete the large buildings a crane will be brought in to hoist materials and debris on and off of the roof. This will require a staging area where the crane, materials, and dumpsters will be placed. For building 9, the staging area will be the guest parking area and the road to the North of the garage entrance as shown below. The parking garage will remain open but please use caution when entering or exiting. When the roof above the garage is being worked on, there will be someone on the ground directing traffic.  Once building 9 is complete a similar plan will be executed on building 10. This building is expected to take 3-5 days to complete. 



5/18/2023- The crew completed building 7 yesterday which leaves one more Hometown building. Unfortunately, due to the threat of rain today, we will not be tearing off Building 8. There’s not a big chance of rain, but it’s better safe than sorry.

The plan is to start building 9 of the terrace community on Monday, May 22nd. We will be utilizing a crane to hoist material and debris up and down as the telehandler won’t work as well as the hometown buildings. 



5/12/2023- With the rain day yesterday we were not able to keep the one building per day schedule. Building 4 will be completed today with work beginning on Building 5 on Monday, May 15th. Owners in buildings 5 & 6 should prepare for the work on their buildings with work starting at 7:00 am. Have a good weekend!



5/11/2023- Yesterday the crew completed building 3. To this point, they have completed one building per day. Unfortunately, due to the threat of rain for most of the day, we will be taking a rain day and not completing any work. The crew will return tomorrow morning, weather permitting. 


5/8/2023- The crew is already in mid-season form and will be completing building 1 this evening. They will begin building 2 tomorrow morning (1241-1249 Terrace Ave). Please read the notice on your garage door for what is needed from you and what to expect during the work. Please remember to let us know if you have a satellite dish that is not in use and can be removed and disposed of. 


4/27/2023- On Monday, May 8th the roofing project is scheduled to begin with work starting on building 1 (1240-1248 Terrace Ave) and move numerically per the map of the community. We will complete the 8 Hometown buildings before moving on to the two Terrace buildings and will finish with the Regency building. The Hometown buildings will take 1-3 days to complete depending on the size. The colors approved by the Board of Directors will match closely to what is currently installed. 

If you have a satellite dish on the roof that is not in use and can be removed and disposed of, please email [email protected] with your address and let us know it can be removed. If your dish is still in use, it will need to be removed and reinstalled after the new roof is installed. During this time, you will lose service. 

While work is taking place on your building or the one across the driveway, access in and around your home will be impacted. Paper notices will be posted on your garage door prior to the work starting. Roll-off dumpsters will be strategically placed in front of garage doors to collect the debris during the tear-off. They will be removed the following day except on Fridays.

There will also be a telehandler lift on-site to hoist materials onto the roof. This is a large piece of equipment with the operator’s attention focused on the load on the forks. Please use caution when you are in the work area and be patient with them.  

Please contact 612-254-7373 or Email [email protected] With any questions or concerns.