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Bailey’s Arbor 2021 asphalt shingle project


Thank you for visiting the blog. It is dedicated to the 2021 asphalt shingle project. There are a total of 57 buildings that will have new roofs replaced. Please refer to the numbered map for reference. Please visit the blog periodically for answers to frequently asked questions and project status updates. We appreciate your patience during the project. 


On-site Project manager Tony Baker

Cell: 320-420-9408

On-site project manager Brian Maas

Cell: 612-990-3087



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Roof Replacement Notice and what to expect

Type A 10881 Oak Grove Cir Eagle view report

20-20-3065_SureStart brochure STANDARD

BTH- Posted roofing notice



All dates are “Weather permitting” and are subject to change with little notice.


Satellite television service will be disrupted during the re-roofing process but will be restored as soon as possible. 

The numbered map 1-57 will be used to help indicate what buildings will be worked on and when. Please identify your home on the map.




8/30/2021- We have finally received some of the siding to make the repairs around the community. We are still waiting on some siding from Alside to come in but will begin installing what we have.

The plan is to have the crew start on the far side of Cherry Lane and then work their way up Cherry Lane and then around and back down Hazel Trail. A man lift will be utilized to safely access some of the areas.

These repairs will have minimal impact on you and your community but there will be times of hammering while they are making the repairs.  




6/16/2021- The roofing portion of the project has been completed. The gutter crew will be wrapping up soon. We are currently waiting on the siding to make the rest of the repairs. Unfortunately, there are several different types and manufacturers of siding throughout the community. The lead times on some of the siding are extremely long with projected availability in the 10-14 weeks. If you have visible siding repairs to your home/building we are aware of them and will get them repaired as soon as the siding becomes available. Thank you for your patience. 



6/1/2021- The roofing portion of the project is almost completed. The crews are currently working buildings 6, 18 & 19. The final buildings, 1, 2, 16 & 17 will be worked on tomorrow. There will still be some detail work completed over the week with the siding and gutter crews following behind. Thanks to everyone for your patience and cooperation during this very large project. 




5/27/2021- Due to the rain, no crews will be on-site today working. Weather permitting, crews will return tomorrow. We will return to the site on Tuesday, June 1st. after the Memorial day weekend. 




5/26/2021- The roofing crews are working on buildings 4, 7, 26, & 27 Today. There is rain in the forecast for tomorrow so we may not be able to roof again. We will not be working on Monday, in observance of Memorial Day. The crews will return on Tuesday, June 1st, weather permitting to continue roofing. We are projecting to be completed with roofs by Wednesday or Thursday of next week. The gutter and siding crews will continue to follow until all work is completed. 



5/24/2021- With another chance of rain today, we decided to not tear off any shingles today. We need to error on the side of caution. The gutter and siding crews will continue as planned. The roofing will continue tomorrow as the threat of rain is minimal after 7:00 am. 



5/20/2021- With the rain yesterday and the chance of rain today and tomorrow, the roofing has been paused. Please note if your home has been posted but not started because of rain, the crews will be starting on your building the next day weather permits. The gutter crew and siding crews will continue to work as long as the rain isn’t too heavy.

We are over halfway done with the roofs and the gutter crew is completing 2-3 buildings a day. The siding crews will be following behind to button everything up. The roofs that have been completed are 10-11, 13-15, 22-25, 32-39, 40-49, 50-59 (36 total buildings). The siding has been put back on at buildings 11-10, 22-25, 32-37, 46-51, 53, 55, & 57 (21 total buildings). Gutters have been installed at 46-53, & 55 (9 total buildings).




5/7/2021- One week down! Thanks to all! We have currently completed 16 buildings (10, 22, 23, 24, 25, 32, 33, 34, 35, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51 & 52). The siding crew will be back on-site next Monday, May 10th to begin putting the siding back on. We will send out and post notices prior to the gutter installation beginning. Have a good weekend. 



5/4/2021- The first two days have gone well. Buildings 22, 23, 46 & 47 have been roofed. There is a lot going on and we appreciate your cooperation and patience. Due to the size of some of the buildings, the crews may not be able to complete a full building in a day. In addition to the size, we have found isolated areas of deteriorated roof decking that required replacement. Give these variables, we may not always be able to move onto the next posted building as planned. If you have a notice on your garage but the crew doesn’t start on your building, you can safely assume it will be the following working day. We do our best to anticipate and post ahead of starting but it’s not an exact science. 




4/30/2021- With the work set to begin next Monday, we would like to know if you are currently using your satellite dish. If you have an inactive dish on your home please let us know and we can remove and dispose of it. If you are currently using a dish, the service will temporarily be down while the roof system is replaced. We will reinstall and repoint them as soon as the roof is completed. 



4/28/2021- The weather decided to cooperate for the first day of material deliveries. Everything is moving along well and will continue as planned. 



4/19/2021- The siding crews have moved quickly through the community. All of the siding along the rooflines has been removed and will be reinstalled after the roofs are completed. We are planning on having the siding crews back on-site on or around the week of May 10th after the first building’s roofs are complete. New gutters will be installed as the final step of the project. We are planning on having the gutter crew on-site on or around the week of May 17th. Additional notices and updates will be provided.

To begin the project, our material supplier, ABC will be staging the community. This will begin on Wednesday, April 28th, and continue until all materials are stagged. They will be placing the materials for all of the buildings throughout the community.

The roofing crews will be on-site Monday, May 3rd, “weather permitting” to begin the roofing work. The plan of attack for the roof replacement is as follows. There will be four separate crews working on four different buildings at a time. We will have two crews starting on buildings 21 & 22 (3426 & 3424 Cherry Ln) and two more crews starting building’s 46 & 47 (3442 & 3443 Hazel Tr). They will be moving from building to building as indicated by the green lines. Paper notices will be posted on garage doors the day before work is scheduled to begin. Please read and follow the request from the notice to move the project along.

The plan is to not work over the weekend unless there is a rain day during the week. We will not work on Sundays but a few Saturdays may be necessary to keep the project moving along. 


3/29/2021-  As part of the roofing project, all of the siding along the rooflines will need to be removed, stored, and then reinstalled after the new roof is installed. This is done to replace the metal flashing and install an ice and water shield from the roof deck to the wall sheathing. This is required by CertainTeed to provide the 5-Start SureStart warranty.

The siding removal will be completed by a separate crew and prior to the shingle crew’s arrival. The siding crew will return and reinstall the siding once the new roof system is installed. This work is scheduled to begin next week, April 5th. 


As part of the roofing project materials, equipment, and on-site restrooms will be placed throughout the community. Please keep kids and animals away from these areas and exercise caution. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance during this process. This is a very invasive project but will move quickly. 

Please have your vehicle out of the garage by 7:00 am to allow the crews to begin staging the job site. Dumpsters will be placed in the driveways for the duration of the work. 


The crews will start on buildings (1-2) and (26-27) and will move numerically from each start point. The large 3 story buildings 41-50 will be worked on last


We are expecting each building to take 2-4 days depending on the weather and the size of the building.


The crews will work Monday- Saturday 7:00 am to 8:00 pm to move the project along as fast as possible. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience.


Posted notices will be placed on the next buildings to be worked on a day or two before work will begin. 


Please view the notice that will be posted on your buildings for how to prepare and what to expect during the work. BTH- Posted roofing notice


Large lifts will be used during the project. Please exercise caution when you’re around these machines as there are a lot of blind spots and the operator is focused on the load. 



The below photos show the new Certainteed Landmark Weathered Wood asphalt shingles selected by the Board of Directors with a mock-up of 11005 Oak Grove Circle.




Please contact 612-254-7373 or Email [email protected] With any questions or concerns.