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Thank you for visiting the blog. It is dedicated to the 2020 balcony restoration project. Please visit the blog periodically for answers to frequently asked questions and project status updates. We appreciate your patience during the project. 


Project Manager Justin Hamm

Cell: 612-644-5268



All dates and times are weather permitting and subject to change with little notice. 


7/13/2020- I hope everyone is doing well. I received notice from Endurable building supply that the last railings are getting painted and the balconies are on the schedule to be delivered this Wednesday, July 15th. The remaining 12 balconies are going to be delivered.

I have the carpentry crew scheduled for Thursday and Friday the 16th & 17th. They will assemble the balconies on Thursday and install them after they are put together. We will not need to enter anyone’s unit during the install so no action is required by the residents. 


6/19/2020- It’s only been a few weeks but I already miss your community. I was there on Monday to look for tire hazards in the parking lot but only swept up a few piles of sand and stucco debris. We removed the storage container from the access lane and the parking lot has been cleared except the smaller 10-yard dumpster. There were small impressions left in the asphalt from the storage container. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable given the softer nature of the asphalt. These areas generally wear themselves out over time.

I had requested an update from Endurable regarding the balcony delivery date. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, their supply and production process has been impacted as stated in their previous letter and they are stating the delivery has been pushed to the week of July 15th. I do apologies for the inconvenience and hope you understand this is out of my control. You have been great to work with and look forward to future projects. 


6/8/2020- The stucco and construction work has been completed. We will work on getting all of the remaining equipment and materials removed from the site. Minor touch-ups have been completed and another walkthrough will be completed. All screen doors, lights and outlets have been installed. 

Unfortunately, the balconies have been delayed due to COVID-19. The expected delivery has been pushed from the end of June to no earlier than the second week of July. Please see the link to the letter from Endurable below for additional information. 

Endurable Letter_COVID-19 (Click to view)


5/22/2020- The last balcony was installed on the 16 stack. The rest of the balconies are still on schedule to be delivered around the 1st of July. Soon after they are delivered, we will get them installed. I was on-site today installing all of the new lights and outlets to the stacks that the stucco crew applied to finish coat to.

The stucco crew made good progress this week with only the 31 & 33 stacks left to be coated. Weather permitting, they will be working on Memorial Day to get the 1 st coat applied. This coat will need to cure for at least 3 days before the second coat can be applied. They will be working on cleaning up and dismantling the scaffolding while the 1st coat cures. There may be a couple days next week that no one is on site. 



5/15/2020- The carpentry crew finished up the last stacks this week and installed all of the balconies that were delivered at the beginning of the project. The new lights and outlets have been installed as well. As previously mentioned due to COVID-19 Endurable Building products production of the last 12 balconies was delayed and are expected to be delivered around the first week of July. They will be installed as soon as they are on-site.

With the construction process completed, all interior work is finished. To minimize contact, the final walk through has been canceled. If there are any issues or concerns you would like to bring to our attention, please let me know and we will take a look and get them resolved.

The painting and staining of the walls ceilings and new doors has been suspended indefinitely due to COVID-19. Once the Board and Health Committee determine it’s safe for additional crews to enter the building, we can begin scheduling the finish work. Please note you are free to complete the work yourself or work with another vendor. You do not need to use Atlas for this work.

The stucco crew will install the EIFS system to the concrete wall below the 16 stack with hopes to finish it on Monday. The final balcony will be installed after this system is completed. They have installed the water barrier to all of the stacks and will install the metal lath, first, second and finish coat to the remaining stacks. Please note the first and second coats require 3-5 days of dry/curing before the finish coat can be applied. We are hoping to have everything completed in 3-4 weeks. A final walk through will be completed and any touch-ups will be completed. 



5/10/2020- Yesterday the stucco crew applied the finish coat to the 11 and 22 stacks. They made great progress this week and are looking to have everything completed by the last week of May. 


5/8/2020- The progress is really starting to show! The carpentry crew will be entering the last stack (31) on Monday morning. The 07 and 31 stacks were completed this week. We would like to complete our post construction walk-through of each unit next week to take final photos and discuss any issues or concerns you may have. Please let me know if you would like us to skip your home and not have anyone enter your home.

We are looking to install the first 15 balconies at the end of next week. We will also install all new insect screens at this time. The remaining balconies have been delayed due to COVID-19 with the expected delivery to be around July 1st. We will return to install the balconies once they are delivered

The stucco crew made good progress this week as well. They applied the finish coat to the 13, 21 and 23 stacks. They applied the second “brown coat to the 11 stack and will get the finish coat applied next week. The water barrier was installed to the 24, 32 and 34 stacks. The scratch coat will be installed next. With the carpentry moving as efficiently as they have been, the stucco crew has had a difficult time  keeping up. The entire project is well ahead of schedule. 


5/4/2020- The carpentry crew completed the 32 & 34 stacks and will be moving to the 07 stack tomorrow morning. The stucco crew applied the 2nd coat “brown coat” to the 22 and 11 stacks. They will working on applying the finish coats to the stacks on the front of the building as well as applying the fist and second coat to the 24 stack. They are hoping to have all stacks except the rear courtyard stacks completed by the end of next week, 5/15. The carpentry crew should be completed with all of the interior work by that time with only balcony installs left to complete.

Due to COVID-19 the production of the last 12 balconies has been delayed with an expected delivery date of July 1st. I do apologize for the delay. 


4/29/2020- The carpentry crew was able to get all of the rotted framing replaced as well as installed the new doors for units 232 and 332. We will be wrapping up this stack and moving next door to the 34 stack tomorrow. The stucco crew had to let everything dry out today but will be back tomorrow and will be working on Saturday as well. 



4/28/2020- Rain day


4/27/2020- With a 100% chance of rain tomorrow, we will be calling the day off. We made good progress today and will likely get the 32 and 34 stacks ready for the stucco crew by the end of the week.

The stucco crew installed the water barrier and metal lath to the 21, 23 and 22 stacks. They also got the fist coat applied to the 11 stack over the weekend. They will remove the stucco from the remaining stacks 07, 31 and 33 this week. Once they have all of the stucco removed from the remaining stacks, they can focus on getting the stucco coats applied to the stacks without needing to stay ahead of the carpentry crew. 




4/24/2020- The stucco crew missed a few days this week and fell a little bit behind. They informed me they will be working on Saturday to try to catch up. They have installed the water barrier and metal lath on the 21 and 23 stacks with hopes of getting to the 22 stack as well. They removed the stucco from the 32 and 34 stacks and will be setting scaffolding and removing stucco on the remaining stack (07, 31 & 33) next week.

The carpentry crew continues to make great progress with the 22 stack completed with only an hour or so remaining on the 24 stack. They will be moving to the 32 and 34 stacks next week. We are planning on moving to the 07 stack the following week as well as hanging the new balconies on the front stacks (16,14,11 & 13).

I spoke to the head of the communities health committee and they have requested no other crews enter the building until the COVID-19 threat has lessened. This means no painting/staining crews will be able to enter the building at this time. I have provided the estimated cost to complete these services based on the units that were completed in 2019. Not all units are the same and the price may vary slightly based on the unit layout. 

A Type:  (wall, slider doors, base/casing on slider wall): $940
B Type: (Living room ceiling/walls, slider doors, base/casing on slider wall): $1,460
C Type: (Bedroom room ceiling/walls, slider doors, base/casing on slider wall): $1,500
D Type (wall, slider, no base, no casing, no ceiling): $860
E Type: (Ceiling only, no base, no casing, no slider, no walls): $950
F Type: (wall only, no base, no casing, no sliders, no ceiling): $335
G Type: (Slider door, base and casing): $715
H Type: (Slider door only): $575



4/22/2020- The 22 stack had the doors installed and everything sealed up. They will be moving to the 24 stack tomorrow. The stucco crew has removed the scaffolding from the 16 and 14 stacks and will be split up on the other stacks to try and catch up from last weeks below average temps. 


4/21/2020- The weather has finally allowed the stucco crew to start applying the finish coat to the 16 and 14 stacks. The lights will be installed on these stacks tomorrow. There are currently about half of the stacks that have been started. Once a few more stacks have had the finish coat applied, the carpentry crew will install the new balconies and screen doors.

The carpentry crew began working on the East side of the building with work beginning on the 22 stack. There was sever water intrusion between the 3rd and 2nd floor. All of the wet rotted headers and rim joist have been replaced. This stack should be ready for the stucco crew by the end of tomorrow. They will be moving onto the 24 stack at that point. 


4/17/2020- In an attempt to keep up with the carpentry crew, the stucco crew will be working on Saturdays. They will only be completing the final finish coat of the stucco process with hopes to complete the 16 and 14 stack. This work creates the least amount of noise and will not be as invasive as the rest of the work. Thanks for your patience.

The carpentry crew removed and replaced/rebuilt the 23 stack. They will be returning to finish the 23 stack on Monday which will included replacing the 1st and 3rd floor doors, trimming them in Azek PVC and sealing everything up. The stucco crew will be coming behind to install the water barrier and begin the stucco process. The carpentry crew will be moving to the East side of the building and working on the 22 and 24 stacks. 



4/16/2020- The weather was a bit better today with a good forecast for next week. The below freezing temps this week caused the stucco crew to delay the coats to the front stacks. There’s a good chance they will be working Saturday to make up for lost time.

The carpentry crew wrapped up the 21 stack today and moved onto the 23 stack. This stack has some sever rot and will take a little longer than some of the previous with a smaller amount of rot. We are still making good progress and on schedule. 



4/15/2020- The 21 stack had the carpentry work completed today with that crew moving onto the 23 stack. The stucco crew will be setting up the scaffolding and installing the water barrier shortly. We are welcoming the warmer weather so the stucco crew can begin the finish coat to the 16 and 14 stack. We currently have several stacks in the works with great progress being made. 



4/13/2020- Due to the Easter snowstorm and cold weather today, we will not be working on-site. There’s a chance that this could extend into the week as the working conditions are slippery and unsafe. 


4/8/2020- Today was a busy day at Coffman! There was stucco, concrete and construction taking place. All projects are going well and on schedule. The second coat “brown coat” has been applied to the 16 stack, the first coat “scratch coat” has been applied to the 14 stack, and the water barrier and metal lath has started on the 13 stack.

The concrete crew poured all sections of concrete and will return tomorrow to pull all of the forms. The concrete can be walked on by the end of the day tomorrow, Thursday the 9th. Unfortunately, the landscape repairs will need to wait as landscaping was not deemed essential.

The carpentry crew made great progress on the 11 stack and will be moving to the 21 stack shortly. There is a lot of rot on this stack but it has been removed as best as possible and replaced with new solid framing lumber. The new balconies and stucco system will prevent moisture from entering the building envelope again. 



4/7/2020- We began working on the 11 stack today. This elevation is showing serious signs of water intrusion and moisture damage. We will install new lumber “sister” next to all of the impacted studs. We will cut out all rotten rim joist and headers and replace with new. All repairs will be completed per the engineers request. 



4/6/2020- Everything is moving along well. The first coat has been applied to the 16 stack, the 14 stack has had the water barrier and metal lath installed and the 21 stack will have the stucco removed shortly.

The 13 stack has had the carpentry work completed and is ready for the water barrier and metal lath. The carpentry work will begin on the 11 stack tomorrow. This is a very large elevation and will take a little longer.

There is also some concrete sidewalks getting installed at the East and West emergency exits and Gazebos in the courtyard. Please exercise caution when you’re in these areas. There are also several sections of concrete in front of the main entry that will be replaced. These sections are tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, April 8th. The entry should only be shut down for 24 hours. Please use the doors on either side of the main entry during this time. 


4/3/2020- Due to the wet, cold icy conditions, the carpentry crew will be taking a weather day. The stucco crew was hoping to start removing the stucco from the 21 stack.


This week a lot of progress was made. We are now working on all of the stacks in the front of the building, 16, 14, 13 & 11. The stucco crew has moved and set scaffolding at the 21 stack. They have started the stucco scratch coat on the 16 stack and installed the water barrier to the 14 stack.

The carpentry crew is close to completing the 13 stack and will move onto the 11 stack early next week. We are very thankful for everyone’s cooperation and patience during the construction process. Be well and have a good weekend. 




3/30/2020- The work began on the 14 stack. Both of the balconies have been removed and the repairs and sheathing have started. We are expecting to be completed with this stack before the end of the week. The stucco crew began to remove stucco from the 11 stack and started installing the water barrier and metal lath to the 16 stack. 



3/27/2020- The carpentry crew has finished up the 16 stack and THE PARKING GARAGE IS NOW OPEN. The stucco crew will begin installing the water barrier and metal lath but this will not impact the parking garage exit. Please continue to exercise caution as work continues on the front of the building. Thank you so much for your patience and cooperation while working on this stack.

We got a head start on the 14 stack and began some exterior work. We will start entering the homes on the stack (114, 214 & 314) next week. The stucco crew will begin removing the stucco from the 11 stack on Monday in addition to lathing the 16 stack. Weather permitting, we will likely move onto the 13 stack by the end of the week. Unit inspections to the 13 stack will be completed and posted notices will be provided to the residents of 113, 213 & 314. 



3/26/2020- The weather was perfect and great progress was made. We have now entered all three homes on the 16 stack. All drywall patches have been coated with multiple coats of joint compound. Tomorrow the ceilings will be textured, area cleaned up and the poly barriers will be removed. We suggest waiting to complete the painting until the COVID-19 threat has lessened. The exterior rot repairs were completed today and the new DensGlass sheathing has been installed. We should have the 16 stack ready for stucco by the end of tomorrow.

We will continue as planned by moving to the 14 stack beginning Monday morning, March 30th. We will start at the first floor and work our way up. Weather permitting, we will be done with the interior work by the end of the week. 


With regards to the Stay at Home order issued by Governor Walz. Construction work of all kinds are exempt and considered a critical work function.  We will continue to exercise great caution and follow all of the CDC guidelines. All crew members who enter the building will check in with the health committee and have their temperatures taken.  will limit the time inside the units and building.

Essential work permit (click to view)


3/25/2020- With the threat of rain all day long we did not want to open up the next unit, 316. We will continue working tomorrow weather permitting. This means the parking garage exit will not be blocked. 


3/24/2020- The carpentry crew moved onto 216 where they replaced the door and began installing new exterior sheathing. They will be moving into 316 and finishing up the 16 stack during the week. We are expecting to move onto the 14 stack next week with work beginning on the first floor, 114.

The stucco crew removed the stucco from the 13 stack and erected the scaffolding around the 11 stack. They will circle back to the 16 stack and begin installing the new stucco once the carpentry crew moves on to the 14 stack. 


3/23/2020- The carpentry crew was working on the 16 stack while the stucco crew was working on the 13 stack. The interior work began in 116 and will move onto 216 tomorrow. Work will continue as planned until further notice. 


3/20/2020- The 08, 12 & 15 stacks are completed with the final inspection scheduled for later today. The lights and outlets have been installed. A final clean up will be completed.

The plan for next week is as follows. The PARKING GARAGE EXIT WILL BE CLOSED AGAIN STARTING MONDAY AT 7:30 AM. The carpentry crew will be working on the 16 stack. They will be entering 116, 216 & 316 throughout the week to complete the required work.

The stucco crew will also be on-site Monday to set scaffolding and begin removing the stucco at the 11 and 13 stacks. There will be a lot of action in the front of the building next week. Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation. 



3/17/2020- The crew was on-site today and was able to get all seven balconies installed on the 08, 12 & 15 stacks. They look very nice. The screen doors, lights and outlets will be installed in the near future. If you need to have the safety block removed to open your patio door, please email or call to get this scheduled.

The crew will not be working for the rest of the week due to the weather forecast and health situation. Given this, the parking garage can be used as normal for the remainder of the week and weekend. The work on the 16 stack is scheduled to begin on Monday until further notice.


3/17/2020- After looking at this weeks weather and given the uncertainty with the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have decided not to enter the building for at least the remainder of this week. We apologize for the sudden change of plans but we feel it’s best to let the snowy weather pass and more information come in about our health emergency. We will continue to evaluate the situation and provide updates regularly. During this time, we will continue to work on the exterior of the building to attempt to keep the project going. 


3/16/2020- It was a busy day on-site as the rest of the 16 stack was cleared of stucco and all debris cleaned up. New sheathing and  balcony hardware were delivered. There will be additional deliveries during the week. The plan for tomorrow is to install the balconies at the 15, 12 and 08 stacks with a plan to enter the 16 stack on Wednesday.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak our crew will be taking extra caution to protect the community. The majority of the work will be completed to and from the exterior. For the work to be completed inside the units, we will limit the crew to two people, in addition to myself at times. I and they will have their temperatures taken, were mask and gloves. A floor to ceiling barrier will be constructed with heavy duty poly plastic. This barrier will be left in place until the work is complete. We ask and will keep the recommended social distance with all residents. Please call or email me with any questions or concerns. 



3/13/2020- There will be no work completed today. The parking garage can be used as normal over the weekend. The parking exit will be obstructed again next week. The carpenter crew will be dropping off equipment today and Monday morning. Please continue to leave the staging area open.

The next week will be busier as the stucco and the carpentry crew will be onsite. There will be material deliveries and additional equipment on-site. The carpentry crew will be installing the balconies on the 15 and 12 stacks before moving to the inside of the 16 stack. Thanks again for your cooperation and have a good weekend. 



3/12/2020- The weather stopped cooperating today. The crew was able to remove the stucco from bot the 16 and 14 stacks. They have installed a heavy-duty water barrier. The crew will continue to clean up the debris once the weather permits. Additional equipment and materials delivery are expected tomorrow and the rest of next week. You may use the parking garage exit tomorrow but please use caution. 


3/11/2020- Thanks again for your cooperation with the parking garage closure. Even the weather is cooperating. The crew is moving along well with most of the 16 stack stucco removed. They will finish cleaning up the debris with hopes of allowing traffic to exit on Friday.  I will send a notice out tomorrow if the parking garage can be used again. The 14 stack has started to have the stucco removed and will continue for the rest of the week. 



Weather forecast for March 7th to the 14th


3/3/2020- The 16 stack is the first to be worked on. Unfortunately, this will impact the ability of all residents to exit the parking garage. Please click on the notice below for more information. There will be times when the exit will not be blocked, but I would plan on removing your vehicle from the parking garage if you will need it during the day. You will be able to return to the parking garage for the night. This will be effective from March 9th and is expected to take three weeks. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and patience. 

Parking garage exit notice click to view



3/2/2020- The pre-project meeting was completed on 2/25/2020. The plan is to start on March 9th, “weather permitting”. During this week there will be scaffolding erected at the 4 remaining elevations in the front of the building. This includes the 16, 14, 11, and 13 stacks. The removal of the stucco will follow at the 16 and 14 stacks with the interior work to begin the following week. 

-The Balconies for the 12, 15 and possibly the 08 stacks will be installed before the interior work begins.

-The interior work of the 16 stack will begin on or around Tuesday, March 17th.

-Interior work is expected to take 7 working days per stack. (This does not include interior painting/staining or finishing)

Interior work will start in the 16 stack and will then move on to the 14 stack.

-Interior work hours will be from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday-Friday.

-Please have all personal items and furniture moved away from the exterior wall a minimum of 10 feet in all directions. This will provide the crew with ample space to work and set up the dust barrier.

-Please be advised that electrical switches and plug-ins may need to be relocated to allow for the new required wood framing to support the new balconies.




-The project plan is illustrated in the below photo. Work will begin on the remaining stacks in the front of the building marked with the green arrows (16, 14, 11, & 13).

-We will then move to the West side of the building marked with the yellow arrow (21 & 23).

-During this time the staging area will be in the front parking lot, the same as it was in 2019. –We will have a storage container and on-site sanitation “Jimmy’s Johnnys” placed in this area.

-There will be dumpsters strategically placed in the parking lot during the demolition process. Please exercise caution when using this area.

-The staging area will be relocated to the rear access lane after the Green and Yellow areas are completed. 

-After the west side of the building is completed, we will move to the east “blue arrows” (22 & 24).

-The courtyard stacks will be worked on last. 



In 2020 Coffman Condominiums will continue the balcony restoration project. The water intrusion that was caused by the cantilever balconies was discovered in late 2018 when unit 108 reported water coming in around the patio door. Please view the unit 108 report below to better understand what was found. During 2019 Coffman hired Criterium engineering to complete an inspection of the building and provide his recommendation on how to address the issue. Please view the engineers’ report below for additional information. The engineers’ recommendation was to plan for replacement of all balconies over the next one to two years. At this point, Coffman requested the engineer, Paul Schimnowski, provide a rebuild scope to submit to the city of Falcon Heights when applying for the required building permits. Part of the rebuild scope was to install a new 8’x3′ powder coated alumiLAST balcony system from Endurable Building Products. In October of 2019, we completed the restoration work to the homes in the 08, 12 and, 15 stacks. The balconies will be installed as soon as work begins this spring. 


The 2020 portion of the project will impact the 07, 11, 13, 14, 16, 21, 22, 23, 24, 31, 32 ,33 and, 34 stacks. Our plan is to begin working on or around March 1st, weather permitting. We are still waiting to see where we will start in relation to the location of the building. We may start in the rear of the building to try and take advantage of the frozen ground to limit the amount of damaged caused to the grounds by the heavy lift equipment. If the ground isn’t frozen or there’s too much snow on the ground, we will start at the front of the building and complete the 11, 13, 14, and, 16 stacks. I will keep everyone updated as best as possible. 



Important Project links “Click to view”

Coffman unit 108 report

Engineers report

Rebuild scope

1666 Coffman Balconies Calculations stamped (09-30-2019)

Patio door emailed info

Proposal work scope 

1666- Balcony restoration (What to expect)

1666- Balcony restoration Interior (What to expect)

All homes to be worked on will need to have all of their furniture and personal items moved away from the exterior wall 10 to 12 feet in all directions. This will provide the crew with ample space to work and set up the dust barrier. 


As discussed at the December 10th meeting. The work required to correct the issue with the balconies is quite extensive and invasive. We will be doing everything possible to limit the impact to you and your home during the construction process but please understand this is a construction site and there will be an inconvenience to your normal routine. As I mentioned at the meeting. We have a good group of people that takes pride in what we’re doing but we are humans. What I can assure you of, is that we will be very available and responsive to any and all of your concerns. 


The work to the interior of the homes will depend on which floor of the building the home is located on. All homes will have a poly dust barrier installed around the perimeter of the work area. All homes will have drywall removed on the exterior wall with the balcony and patio door. The first and second-floor homes will have the ceilings opened up approximately 8′ from the exterior wall to unbolt the balconies for removal. The new balcony system is a foot wider than the current balconies. Because of this, the required support framing and knife plates create the need to move electrical boxes for switches and receptacles “plugins” several inches from the patio door. After this work is completed, the drywall will be replaced on the walls and ceilings. All seems will be taped and multiple coats of joint compound applied and then sanded smooth. The ceilings will be textured to match the existing as close as possible. The drywall work will be completed to the point where it’s ready for prime and paint. Any finish work to the walls, ceilings, doors, and trim will be the responsibility of the owners. Atlas can assist any owners with this work if requested but may complete the work themselves or work with anyone they would like. After the new base and door casing is installed, the dust barrier will be removed and the work area will be cleaned.


The work to the exterior of the building will consist of scaffold setup, heavy-duty lift equipment, stucco removal, and gypsum sheathing removal. After the exterior substrates are removed, all rotted rim joists and headers will be cut out and replaced with new framing lumber. Additional 2×6″ studs will be attached to any rotted framing for additional structural support and backer to fasten the new DensGlass sheathing and metal lath to. Any insulation will be replaced on an as-needed basis prior to the sheathing installation. After the sheathing is installed, Donnelly Stucco will return and install the new stucco system. After the stucco is completed, the new balconies will be installed. The final cleanup, exterior lights, and receptacles will be installed to finish off the work. It’s important to know that all reasonable efforts to protect the lawn and landscaping will be made. Damage to the turf, bushes, trees, and landscaping may be unavoidable due to the equipment needed to safely and successfully complete the work. Turf restoration and plant replacement should be expected after the work is complete. 


As part of the scope, the exterior stucco system will be removed from inside corner to inside corner of every elevation with the cantilever style balconies. The stucco system that was installed during the original construction is a one coat system that does not stand up well in Minnesota’s climate. The system that will be installed is a three-coat system and is a thicker more durable system. Please click on the below article for additional information. 

1 Coat vs 3 Coat Stucco Process: Understanding the Difference


Photos of the work completed to the 08, 12 & 15 stacks in 2019



The below photo shows the type of equipment that was and will be used to safely and successfully complete the exterior work. This machine is over 10,000 lbs. As you can see, the size and weight of the machine is going to impact the grounds even if the equipment is used responsibly. 


The below photos are of the 08 stack with the first being a photo of what was found when the maintenance tech removed the vinyl wrap. The second shows temporary bracing so the rot can be replaced and the third shows the entire stack after all stucco and sheathing was removed. The last two are of the cantilever balcony and how they are fastened to the floor system. 



The first photo shows the dust barrier that will be installed on the interior of the units. The second is after the new framing and new door have been installed in unit 2015.



The below photos show the process of installing the new door into unit 215



The below photos are of the knife plate “Top photos” and seat plate “Bottom photos”. These are the brackets used to support the new balcony system. 



The below photos show the old stucco removal and new stucco system prior to receiving the first scratch coat. 



Please contact 612-254-7373 or Email [email protected] With any questions or concerns.