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Thank you for visiting the blog. It is dedicated to the 2022 Roofing project. The cedar shakes will be removed and replaced with CertainTeed Landmark Laminated Architectural asphalt shingles. Please refer to the numbered map for reference as to when your home will be worked on. Please visit the blog periodically for project information, answers to frequently asked questions, and project status updates. We appreciate your patience during the project. 


Shingle color selected by the Board



On-site Project manager Tony Baker

Cell: 320-420-9408


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Roof Replacement Notice and what to expect




Both crews will move numerically through the community per the above map



7/12/2022- With the roofing of the large buildings completed, the three twin homes are up next. The detail crew is working on the siding repairs to building 6 while the roofing crew works on twinhome 7. They will start on building 8 tomorrow with only one remaining after that! The detail crew will continue to follow the roofing crew until all work is completed. 




7/6/2022- Today the upper section of building 5 was worked on with the lower section to be completed tomorrow. After this, there will only be one more large building left before the twin homes start. The project is going really well and we have been moving along as planned.




7/1/2022- The crew will finish up building 4 today and take a needed break to celebrate the 4th of July. They will return after a long weekend on Wednesday, July 6th. Please note, that no work will be completed on Tuesday, July 5th. Thanks to everyone for being patient as we complete this very invasive job. 


6/30/2022- With the rain today, the crew got a two-hour late start. The plan is to still have building 4 completed by the end of the day tomorrow. Building 5 will start next week either Tuesday or Wednesday. We will know by the end of the day tomorrow what day the crew will be back to start building 5. 



6/28/2022- The upper section of building 3 will be completed today with the lower sections to be completed tomorrow. Weather permitting, building 4 will start on Thursday and be completed on Friday. We will not be working on Monday, July 4th. Building 5 will start on Tuesday, July 5th if everything goes as planned this week. 




6/27/2022- The lower sections of building 2 are getting completed today. They will begin on the top section of building 3 tomorrow. The detail crew is following the roofing crew to complete the siding repairs. The details are expected to take 1-2 days per building. 





6/23/2022- The crew is moving along well. They will finish building 1 today and will start building 2 tomorrow. The plan is to tear off and replace the upper section of the roof on building 2 tomorrow and start on the lower section of building 2 on Monday morning. It’s looking like each of the large buildings will take two days to complete. 




6/22/2022- Day one of the roofing project is going well. The plan is to complete the upper sections of the roof today and work on the lower sections tomorrow. If all goes as planned, the upper sections of building 2 will be completed on Friday. 

If you have a skylight with a blue X taped on it, this means it is an old curb-style skylight and will be replaced during the roof work. Please place a drop cloth or old sheet on the floor underneath the skylight as there will be dust and debris that falls during the removal of the old skylight. Skylights that have been replaced in the past, will be kept in place and a new flashing kit will be installed. No action is needed on the inside for these. 

Please keep an eye out for paper notices posted on your garage doors as they are the final notice before work will start on your building. 




6/20/2022- The detail crew has made their way through all of the buildings and they are now ready for the roofing to begin. Building 1 is scheduled to begin Wednesday, June 22nd with work beginning at 7:00 am. This portion of the project will be very invasive and a big inconvenience. There will be large lifts, dumpsters, and a large crew working on roofs. This will impact all residents in the area being worked on. Please follow the request on the posted notices to ensure your vehicle is not trapped inside your garage while the roofing work is completed. 


On Monday, June 13th the Roofing project will start. As part of the project, all step tins and dormer flashing will be replaced. This is the flashing where the roofs meet the exterior walls. In order for this to happen, select areas of siding will need to be removed and replaced. The first phase of the project will consist of a smaller detail crew that will be removing and disposing of the siding. Please watch for paper notices to be posted on your garage door for the date your building will be worked on. 

After the details are completed, a large roofing crew will begin tearing off the cedar shakes and installing the new asphalt shingles. This portion of the project will impact the community significantly as there will be a large crew, several dumpsters, and two large lifts. The work hours for this project will be 7:00 am to as late as 8:00 pm. There will be lots of debris, noise, and obstacles in and around the community. Please exercise caution for the duration of the project. 



Please contact 612-254-7373 or Email [email protected] With any questions or concerns.