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Thank you for visiting the blog. It is dedicated to the 2022 concrete and asphalt project. Please visit the blog periodically for project information, answers to frequently asked questions, and project status updates.

Asphalt Concrete Solutions (ACS) will be completing the asphalt work for this project. 

The asphalt and concrete project will consist of two steps and multiple phases with concrete work to be completed first. The work will impact the entire community and will be an inconvenience. Your cooperation and patience will be needed.


Important project documents (Click link to view)

Concrete and asphalt warranty terms and conditions

Concrete apron notice

Asphalt removal notice

Driveways prep and paving notice

Driveways prep and paving notice_phase 3

Project Manager Justin Hamm

Cell: 612-644-5268


All dates and times are weather permitting and subject to change with little notice. A separate update will be sent out to provide the new plan. 



8/18/2022- With it raining in locations scheduled for today, the paving crew is going to try and catch up for the lost day on 8/12. This means they will try to pave the driveways left from round 4 today. They will knock on doors and see if you’re willing to move your vehicle from your garage and/or driveway. If you don’t want to, they will move on and return on Monday as planned. We want to try and take advantage of the crew being rained out at other sites and get back on track to finish next week. We appreciate all that are willing to work with us and understand those who choose not to. 




8/18/2022- There was a miscommunication with the person who has been posting notices on the garage doors. Unfortunately, they didn’t post the notices for the last round! My deepest apologies.

The prep crew is onsite as stated in the previous updates to remove and compact the base over the next two days. Due to the rain day last Friday the paving schedule will change slightly. The driveways from round 4 that were not able to be completed this week will be paved first on Monday 8/22. They will move to the first section of round 5, the red section after they finish the remaining driveways from round 4.

This last round is going to be a bit confusing due to the loss of a working day. Please be patient and work with the crew so we can get the project finished up and out of your hair. Again, I’m very sorry for not getting the notices posted. Someone will be out there later today. 


8/12/2022- Unfortunately we had a rain day today. We’ve been really lucky so far so it was bound to happen. Due to the lost day, we will need to adjust our schedule.

The paving crew will be on-site next Monday and Tuesday and will complete as many of the round 4 driveways as possible on those two days. Any driveways not completed will be finished on Monday 8/22, which is the next scheduled day for the paving crew to be on-site. This means round 5 paving will now take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as needed on August 22, 23, 24, and 25th.

The preparation of round 5 will continue as planned with all driveways getting removed and compacted next week on Thursday & Friday, August 18th and 19th. With paving starting as soon as they finish the remainder of round 4 on Monday, August 22nd. We are getting close!



8/5/2022- The third round of paving is moving along well. There is one more day of paving which will be completed on Monday, August 8th. That will finish the 3rd round of driveway replacements. 

Round 4 of driveway replacements will begin on Wednesday, August 10th. On Wednesday and Thursday, 8/10 & 8/11 all 126 driveways will be removed and base gravel compacted. Please note you may park on the compacted gravel but be aware of the lip at the concrete. On these days, you may leave your vehicle in the garage if you will not need them on short notice. Each driveway will only take 20 minutes or so to remove.

The paving of the red area on the map will begin on Friday, August 12th. The blue area will be paved on Monday, August 15th, and the yellow area will be completed on Tuesday, August 16th. Please refer to the below map to identify when your home is scheduled to be completed. All dates are weather permitting and subject to change on short notice.

Round 4 Paving plan (Finish Hazel Trl & start Cherry Ln.)


Round 5 of driveway replacement will be completed per the below map. Please locate your home to identify when your home will be worked. The plan may change if a weather day impacts one of the work days prior to the proposed dates. An additional update will be sent out prior to the final round starting.

Round 5 Paving plan “Final round” (Cherry Ln)




7/27/2022- The 3rd round of paving is scheduled to begin next week with the removal and preparation of the base to be completed over two days. This work will be completed on Tuesday, August 2nd, and Wednesday, August 3rd, weather permitting. After the removal is completed, the paving crew will begin installing the driveways and will follow the proposed plan per the map below. The goal is to complete all of the paving in three days but a fourth may be necessary as with the last phase. Please locate your home on the map below to determine when your home will have the driveway removed and installed. The 40 homes in the red section are scheduled for Thursday, August 4th, the 40 homes in the blue section are scheduled for Friday, August 5th, and the 48 homes in the orange section are scheduled for Monday, August 8th. We will likely begin removing the next round later this week but will send out additional details once we determine how this round goes. 




7/22/2022- With the concrete aprons finishing up, we will now focus on replacing the remaining driveways. We will take a week off to let the community calm down before we start the third round of paving. 




7/20/2022- The concrete crew is still on schedule to complete the remaining aprons on Cherry Ln. by this Friday. They will be working on the last two finger streets as shown on the map below. This will conclude the concrete work. Please remember you may take down the caution tape and dispose of it after the five-day period. We will do a final walkthrough at the end of the project to remove any left up but appreciate those who take it down on their own. 

The paving crew will be finishing up the second round of driveways by the end of the day. We will be taking a week off before returning to complete another round of driveways. Below is the proposed plan for the next round. The removal and base compaction will be completed over two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, August 2nd and 3rd. The paving will be completed over the next three weekdays, Thursday, Friday, and Monday, August 4th, 5th, and 8th. Please see the below map with the proposed paving schedule. 


7/18/2022- Even with the extremely hot temps, both crews are working hard! The asphalt paving is going well with close to all of the driveways scheduled for today getting completed. There may be a few driveways from Monday’s area that will need to be completed tomorrow. They will do their best to keep to the plan.

The concrete crew is working their way South on Cherry Ln with about a third of the homes completed. They will be working on (one side of 3442, 3440, and 3474 & 3472). They will also select five driveways on the next finger street to keep the 25 per day goal. Paper notices have been placed on the garage doors of the homes to be completed tomorrow. 



7/13/2022- The concrete crew got a little ahead of the previous plan and started working on some homes on Cherry Lane. They are now on the home stretch! We are looking good to finishing the concrete apron portion of the project by the end of next week.

The second phase of asphalt removal and base compaction is scheduled to begin tomorrow morning with the homes on Hawthorn trail as well as the homes on the South end of Hazel Trail. Please refer to the update from 7/8 for information related to this work. 




7/11/2022- The concrete crew is at the Northeast corner of the community where Hazel trail turns West towards Cherry Ln. Weather permitting, the first homes on Cherry Lane will start on Thursday, July 14th. If everything goes well, and we don’t have any rain days, all of the homes on Cherry Lane could be completed by Friday, July 22nd. 

The paving of the remaining homes on Oak Grove Circle will be completed today. This will finish the work in this area of the community! Thanks to everyone for your cooperation and patience during this very invasive project. Please remember to avoid parking on the new asphalt for at least 14 days and avoid turning your wheels when you’re not in motion. The asphalt will remain soft for the remainder of the summer and will become soft during the hottest days of the year moving forward. Do not place sharp or blunt objects on the asphalt as they will leave indents or puncture marks. Place a wide board underneath anything that could impact the asphalt to avoid causing damage. 




7/8/2022- The concrete crew has officially made it to the North end of the community. They have crossed Elm Blvd and will make their way around the bend on Hazel trail over the next few working days. Once they finish on Hazel trail, they will begin working on the homes on Cherry Lane.

The final homes on Oak Grove Circle will have their driveways installed on Monday, July 11th as previously stated. Please see the update from 6/30 for all of the details. 

The asphalt prep crew will start working on the next section of homes with work to be completed on Thursday, and Friday, July 14th and 15th. This section will include 135 driveways. The plan is to complete the removal and compaction of these driveways in two days. Each driveway will only take approximately 20 minutes to complete so you will not need to remove your vehicle from the garage unless you will need it on short notice. Please note there will be a slight bump at the concrete garage apron and street curb. 

The paving of these driveways is scheduled to begin the following Monday, July 18th, and is expected to take three working days (Mon, Tue, Wed, 18th, 19th, and 20th). The below map is the proposed plan. Please locate your home on the map for when your driveway is expected to be paved. 




7/6/2022- The removal of the asphalt and preparation of the base has been complete to all 110 homes on Oak Grove Circle. The first phase of asphalt paving will begin tomorrow, July 7th, and will be completed as shown in the map from the previous update. The plan is to try and pave 44 driveways tomorrow. They may not get to all 44 but will do their best to make it happen.

The concrete crew completed another 25 aprons today and posted for the next 25 tomorrow. They will be working on buildings (3370, 3371, 3353, & 3352). On Friday they will be finishing the five remaining homes on the 3352 building and moving to the North side of Elm Blvd. They are now over halfway completed with the concrete aprons. Please remember to open your garage door and remove your vehicles from your garage and driveway when you see the paper notice on your garage door. 



7/1/2022- The concrete crew has completed the aprons up to Maple Blvd. On Tuesday, July 5th they will start on the East side of Maple Blvd on Hazel trail and follow the path on the map. On Tuesday they will work on Buildings (3442, 3424, 3443, & 3425). Please look for the paper notices on your garage door.

The Asphalt preparation crew will be starting on Oak Grove Circle. Please read the previous update for information related to this portion of the project. 






6/30/2022- We now have the full paving plan for Oak Grove Circle. The removal and preparation of the base is scheduled to be completed in two days, Tuesday & Wednesday, July 5th & 6th with work starting at 7:00 am. Please refer to the preparation notice for what to expect and what is needed from you.

The paving will start the following day after the preparation is complete. The plan is to complete the paving in three phases in three days. Please see the map for when your area is to be completed. Please refer to the driveway paving notice for what to expect and what is needed from you. 



6/29/2022- The concrete crew was able to complete everything as planned. They will be jumping to the West side of Hazel trail tomorrow to complete buildings (3630, 3580, & 3530). On Friday the plan is to finish the rest of the homes on the East side of Hazel trail up to Maple Blvd (one side 3561, 3511, & 3461). Please note that after the five-day period has passed you may remove and dispose of the caution tape and drive over the apron into your garage. Please do not park on the concrete for at least two weeks. 



6/28/2022- The concrete crew is now on cruise control heading North on Hazel Trail. They will be working on buildings (one side 3661, 3611, & one side 3561) tomorrow and will jump to the west side of Hazel Trail and complete the three buildings on that side on Thursday, June 30th.

6/28/2022- The first phase of paving preparation on (Oak Grove Circle) has been scheduled with work begging on Tuesday, July 5th. The plan is to remove and prepare all 110 driveways in two days. Please note the base can be driven and parked on after the crew has removed and compacted the base gravel. Please use caution as there will be a 3-4″ bump at your apron and street curb. Each driveway is only expected to take 20 minutes to remove and compact. You will be able to enter or exit your garage after this time. 

– They will follow the same path that was taken by the concrete crew.

– Because the aprons have been installed, you do not need to keep your garage door open for this portion of the project.

– Because each driveway will only take 20 minutes to remove and compact, we suggest you leave your vehicles in your garage and only park vehicles on the street that can’t fit inside the garage. Once your driveway is prepared, you may operate as normal until the paving day which will be announced at a later date. 




6/27/2022- The crew has found their grove and they are completing around 25 aprons a day. This is usually around two-finger streets worth of homes. This should give you an idea as to when they will be at your home. 

They will continue heading North on the East side of Hazel Trail over the next few days. The crew is posting paper notices on the garage doors to be completed the following day at the end of their work day. 



6/23/2022- The crew got mixed up and completed the homes on the West side of Hazel Trail instead of going to Hawthorn Trail by mistake. The 24 homes on Hazel trail will be completed today. Tomorrow, Friday, June 24th the crew will complete the 18 homes on Hawthorn Trail. We apologize for the confusion!

Starting Monday, June 27th “Weather permitting” they will start on the East side of Hazel trail and move North. Buildings (3821, 3789, & 3799 Hazel Trail) will be the starting point on Monday, June 27th. Please look for paper notices on your garage door as the crew will determine how many they will attempt to complete. 



6/22/2022- The crew is finishing up Oak Grove Circle today and will be heading to Hawthorn Trail tomorrow to begin this section of the community. I will contact the paving crew to get a plan in place to start the paving on Oak Grove Circle. As soon as I have dates, an update will be sent out and notices will be posted. Thanks again for your patience and cooperation to the residents of Oak Grove Circle. 



6/21/2022 The crew was able to pour all 30 aprons back today and will finish up the remaining homes on Oak Grove Circle tomorrow Wednesday, June 22nd.

After they are done on Oak Grove Circle, they will jump up to the three buildings on Hawthorn Trail (10794, 10800, & 10808). They will start here on Thursday, June 23rd. Please look for the paper notices the day before they will arrive.

After they are done on Hawthorn Trail they will move to the five buildings on the West side of Hazel Trail (3760, 3776, 3790, 3804, & 3820). Once this area is completed, they will move to the East side of Hazel Trail and head North. 



6/20/2022- Today the crew was on-site and removed and prepared 30 aprons. Due to the extreme heat, for safety reasons, they did not attempt to pour them back today. They will pour as many as they safely can back tomorrow morning. If they don’t get yours poured back it will be completed on Wednesday, weather permitting. Thanks again for your cooperation! 



6/17/2022- The concrete aprons are moving along well with six of the ten finger streets to be completed by the end of today. With the extreme temps to begin next week, the amount that will be completed during these days will depend on the crews’ safety. They will likely finish up Oak Grove Circle next week but will know more after a few days.

Once Oak Grove circle is completed they will move to the homes on Hazel Trail between Oak Grove Blvd and Maple Blvd. We will begin on the South end of Hazel Trail and work their way North. They will start on the 24 homes on the West side of Hazel Trail containing buildings 3820, 3804, 3790, 3776, & 3760. Another update will be sent out prior to moving to this portion of the community. 





6/14/2022- Day one of the project went well considering we started off with rain. All twelve of the aprons on the first finger street were removed and poured back. Please DO NOT drive over the new concrete until the five-day period has passed.  Saturday evening is the soonest you should remove the caution tape and drive into your garage. Until then you may park in your driveway.

Due to the extreme heat today the crew will be taking it easy and are going to complete the eight homes on the second finger street (10879, 10881, 10883 & 10885) and remove and prep the aprons for the other side of (10883 & 10885). Please watch for the paper notices on your garage door the day before the crew will be at your home.

Please Remember To Open Your Garage Door Or Pull The Release Cord. 



The concrete apron installation will begin with the 110 homes on Oak Grove circle with work beginning on Monday, June 13th. The plan is to remove, set forms and pour the aprons back in a two workday period. Paper notices will be posted on garage doors the day before the work will begin. 

On Monday, June 13th, the concrete apron work will start. Please refer to the above map for the path the crew will take. They will start on the Northwest corner of Oak Grove circle and work counterclockwise. The finger street with buildings 10875, 10877, 10879 & 10881 will be the first finger street to be worked on. 


All new concrete will need to be kept off for 24 hours before light foot traffic is allowed and 5 days before it can be driven over. All vehicles will need to be out of the garage and off of the driveways by 7:00 am on the day’s work will be completed to your home. You may park in your driveway after the apron has been poured and finished but you may not drive into your garage for a period of 5-days.


Your garage doors will need to be kept open or have the garage door opener release cord pulled so the crew can open and close the door as needed. The doors need to be open during the removal to avoid damaging them and finishing the concrete for the best final product. We are not responsible for damaged garage doors not left open or release cords not pulled. 


Asphalt work will be the second step and will consist of multiple phases. This will consist of full removal of the asphalt, minor base/grade corrections, and then paving of your driveway. There will be two separate crews, one removal, and prep for a day or two and then followed by the paving crew on another day. You will be able to park on the compacted base after it has been prepared but will need to have your vehicle out of the driveway before 7:00 am on the day of paving. There are no dates set for this portion of the project. 

Please contact 612-254-7373 or Email Info@Atlasmn.com With any questions or concerns.