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Thank you for visiting the blog. It is dedicated to the 2023 roof replacement project. Please refer to the map for reference as to when your area of the community will be worked on. Please visit the blog periodically for project information, answers to frequently asked questions, and project status updates. We appreciate your patience during the project. 


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Shingle Replacement Notice




On-site Project Manager Tony Baker

Cell: 320-420-9408



Shingle color selected by the Board

“CertainTeed Landmark”

Weathered Wood



Equipment to be used during the project



All dates and proposed plans are “Weather Permitting” and subject to change with little notice



8/8/2023- Today the crew will be working on building 11 (9834-9836 Cavell Cir). Tomorrow, August 9th we will have two crews on-site and will complete the next two buildings 12 and 13 (9826-9828 & 9818-9120 Cavell Cir). This will leave one building to complete on Thursday, August 10th. On Friday, August 11th a final clean-up and equipment removal will take place. 


8/3/2023- Another couple of very hot days but the crew is pushing through. They will be finishing up building 8 (9858-9860 Cavell Cir) today Thursday, August 3rd, and will finish the week on building 9 (9850-9852 Cavell Cir). This leaves five buildings remaining. If weather permits, we will be able to complete the rest of the buildings to finish this year’s phase of roofs. Everything has gone very well thanks to your cooperation and patience. 


7/31/2023- Last week was a hot one but the crew was able to complete one building per day. Today, Monday, July 31st the crew is working on building 5 and will start on building 6 (9900-9906 Cavell Ave.) tomorrow. Looks like another hot end to the week but we should be able to keep on track. 


7/25/2023- It’s a hot one out there with no signs of getting cooler. The crew will complete Building 1 today and will start Building 2  (9932-9938 Cavell Ave S.) tomorrow. We will have a bigger crew on-site so they can complete the work in a timely manner and get into some air-conditioned space. As long as weather permits, we will complete one building per day 



The Board has approved a phased replacement of the roofs to be completed over the next three years. On Tuesday, July 25th the 2023 roofing project will begin with work starting on building 1 (9940-9946 Cavell Ave S.) per the below map. The crew will move numerically through the community per the map. Each building is expected to take 1 day to complete weather permitting. There will be 14 buildings completed this year.

 In advance of the project, equipment will be brought to the site and staged around the community. An enclosed trailer and two dump trailers will be used for the duration of the project. On-site sanitation will be provided for the crew. Each day a load of materials will be delivered and a boom truck will be used to hoist materials onto the roof.

If you have a satellite dish that is no longer in use and you would like us to remove and dispose of it. Please let us know by emailing [email protected] If your dish is still active it will be removed, reinstalled, and realigned. Service will be interrupted during this time. If you have issues with it after the roof is replaced, please contact Tony Baker. 

Paper notices will be posted on garage doors prior to work starting on your building. Please read the notices for what to expect and what is needed from you. Please note vehicles should be removed from your garage and driveway by 7:00 am in advance of the tear-off and to provide clear access during the work. The roofing process is very noisy and messy. Each day a thorough clean-up will take place as well as a final clean-up when the project is completed. If you have any questions or concerns during the project please contact your on-site project manager Tony Baker and he will assist you.