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Thank you for visiting the blog. It is dedicated to the storm restoration project. Please refer to the maps for reference as to when your area of the community will be worked on. Please visit the blog periodically for project information, answers to frequently asked questions, and project status updates. We appreciate your patience during the project. 



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Shingle Replacement Notice



On-site Project manager Tony Baker

Cell: 320-420-9408



Shingle color selected by the Board

“CertainTeed Landmark Weathered Wood”


3/10/2023- We are working with Acme Awing to replace the 19 awnings around the community. Weather permitting, they would like to begin replacing them next week, Monday and Tuesday. This work will have a limited impact on the community and will only affect those owners who currently have them. They will be matching the size, shape, and color of the existing awnings as closely as possible. 


11/8/2022- The gutter crew is moving through the buildings quickly. Buildings 1 through 12 have been completed and 13 is in progress. It looks like the weather may be a factor this week so they may not finish and will need to return next week. The siding crew is still scheduled to be on-site next Wednesday, November 16th.




11/2/2022- The roofing portion of the project is complete! We will spend the next few days cleaning up the site of all roofing materials and equipment. Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation during this work.

The gutter crew is making great progress and is about halfway through the community. They should be done with all of the gutters in the next couple of weeks.

The crew that will be replacing the aluminum trim wrapping is finishing up another job. They are expected to be on-site two weeks from today, November 16t. They will be replacing select window and door trim wraps. This work will have minimal impact on the community. 



10/28/2022- Nice weather is on the horizon! The roofing crew will complete building 18 today and plan on completing building 19 tomorrow, Saturday, October 29th. This will leave one building left to complete on Monday the 31st.

The gutter crew has completed buildings 5 & 6 so it won’t be long before they are finished up as well. The siding detail crew will be following the gutter crew in the next two weeks. 


10/26/2022- With the nice weather we’ve had, we’re making great progress. The roofing crew is working on building 16 today and will start on building 17 tomorrow. They will start building 18 on Friday and if they’re not able to finish it and if the weather permits, they will work on Saturday to finish building 18. Please note any siding that is removed during the roofing process will be reinstalled by the siders when they are on-site. They are expected to be there in about two weeks.

The gutter crew is moving quickly through the buildings as they have already completed the first handful of buildings. The gutters go much quicker than the roofs as they can usually complete more than one building per day. The final detail and siding crew will be the last step in the restoration work. 



10/24/2022- Unfortunately, with the rain today, we could not start building 15. Building 14 was finished today but there wasn’t any roofing torn off today. The crew will be back tomorrow to start building 15. If the weather permits, the crew is hoping to work this Saturday which will leave one building to complete on Monday, October 31st.

The smaller detail crews will continue working after the roofs are completed but they will have less impact on the community. 





10/21/2022- With the nice weather, the crew has been making great progress as they are working on building 12 today and are looking to finish so they can start o building 13. If everything goes well, they will start and finish building 14 on Sunday. That will only leave 6 buildings. With the chance of weather shutting us down for the season. We are taking advantage of the warm weekend. We appreciate your cooperation and patience over the weekend. 

Please note we will be circling back to complete any detail work as well as gutters and soft metal replacement. The gutter crew will be on-site starting Monday, weather permitting. The majority of the work is the roof replacement but there is still plenty of work to be completed once the roofs are done. 



10/19/2022- The roofing crew lost a few days but is still making good progress. They are working on building 10 today and will start working on building 11 tomorrow. The next two buildings are some of the largest ones in the community so they will likely take more than a single day to complete.

Because of the loss of working days and the nice weather forecasted for this weekend, we will be working on Saturday and Sunday 10/22 & 10/23. We are nearing the end of the roofing season and need to take advantage of the weather to complete as much as possible before the snow flies.

On Monday, October 24th the gutter crew will be on-site to begin replacing the gutters on the homes that had them during the time of the claim. They will follow the same path as the roofing crew and will start on building 1.


10/17/2022- Unfortunately, due to the weather being too cold! The crew will not be working today. The shingles are too brittle when it’s this cold out and can’t be handled without possibly damaging them. The rest of the week looks to be warm enough to work. Because of this missed day, the plan is to work on Saturday to try and stay on track. 



10/14/2022- At this time of year, the weather is going to be the biggest variable. Due to the wet snow and cold temps today. The crew will not be starting the next building. The next building will start on Monday, weather permitting. New notices will be posted on garage doors. Have a good weekend.



10/12/2022- The last couple of buildings have looked good after tearing off the shingles and underlayment as building 5 had no sheets replaced and building 6 only had four sheets that required replacement. Building 7 was completed yesterday and didn’t have any sheets replaced.

The crew is working on building 8 today but is dealing with some rain so all of the work may not be completed. They are still on-site and will continue working as allowed. 


10/7/2022- Yesterday went better as the sheathing for building 4 was in pretty good shape and only 5, 4×8 sheets required replacement. The building was finished and the crew is on to building 5. On Monday the crew will more than likely make their way to building 6. Tony and the crew are making great progress on the roof replacement. Thanks for everyone’s cooperation during the project. Have a great weekend. 


10/6/2022- The crew started building 4 today after a long day on building 3. After removing the shingles and underlayment on building 3, they discovered a majority of the wood sheathing had failed due to delamination and required replacement. The new roof system can not be installed on top of a failing roof deck. The crew removed and replaced 84, 4×8′ sheets of sheathing before installing the new roof system. This condition doe not appear to be on every building but will be replaced on an as-needed basis. 



10/5/2022- The first two days of the project have been productive. Buildings 1 & 2 have been completed and building 3 will be worked on today. They will move to the next area of the community (Gretchen Ln N) and start working on building 4 tomorrow. They will continue in numerical order per the map. Once a few more buildings are completed, our gutter crew will be on-site to begin replacing the gutters. The siding crew will be on-site in the near future as well to begin replacing the soft metal trim. 



An insurance claim was opened after the storm damaged your community on Thursday, May 19th. The scope of work was agreed to on August 19th. At that time the material order was placed. The scope of work includes full replacement of all roofs, installed gutters, and select replacement of soft metal trim wraps and window drip edges. 

The first step in the restoration process will be replacing the roofs. We will be replacing the roofs per the map provided by the insurance company when they inspected the community. We will start with the first three buildings located on the Northwest corner of the community. Building 1 (3925 to 3945 Granada Ave N.) Building 2 (3963-3967 Granada Ave. N & 6533-6537 40th St. N.) and building 3 (6553 to 6563 40th St. N.). Once the roofs are completed a separate gutter crew and siding crew will be completing the gutter replacement and soft metal trim repairs. Additional notices and updates will be sent out prior to this work starting. 

Building 1 will start on Monday, October 3rd, and is expected to take 2-4 days to complete. Buildings 2 & 3 are a bit smaller and are expected to take 1-3 days to complete. Notices will be posted on all garage doors 24 hours prior to the crew’s arrival. All dates are weather permitting and subject to change on short notice. 



Please contact 612-254-7373 or Email [email protected] With any questions or concerns.