Meadow Creek West Deck Project


Thank you for visiting the blog. It is dedicated to the 2020 composite deck re-skin and rebuild project. Please visit the blog periodically for answers to frequently asked questions and project status updates. We appreciate your patience during the project.


Please contact 612-254-7373 or Email Info@Atlasmn.com With any questions or concerns. 


On-site project managers 

Brian Maas Cell: 612-990-3087


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Deck and railing replacement notice (What to expect)


All dates are “Weather permitting” and are subject to change with little notice. 


The Community has elected to upgrade everyone’s deck with a low-maintenance re-skin. This will include Azek “Harvest Collection, Kona colored” PVC decking and skirting as well powder coated “UltraLox” aluminum railings. In addition to the re-skin, where possible, the decks will be increased in size with the goal of making them all approximately 10’x14′. To complete this, new footings will need to be installed and some decks will need to be torn down and rebuilt completely.

We have applied for and received building permits for all locations. The plan is to start on Sunny Way Court starting at building 1, (1570-1574 Sunny) and move numerically through the community with work beginning on Monday, July 20th. The materials will be delivered on Monday, July 13th. We will be staging all materials throughout the community as indicated in the map below. There will be a storage container as well as on-site sanitation for the duration of the project.

The first building or two will likely take a little longer as they form a plan and process for the project. We are expecting the buildings with re-skins only to take 1-3 working days and the buildings with total rebuilds to take 2-4 working days. We will post physical notices on all garage doors at least 24 hours before the work will begin. WE WILL NEED ALL ITEMS REMOVED FROM THE DECKS AS WELL AS BELOW to allow the crew to complete the work. 


Deck and skirt color


10/1/2020- The decks are finished! Thank you for all of your patience and cooperation. The final railings have been installed and all clean up has been completed. The city building inspector signed off on all permits with no issues. This will conclude the deck project.

We have our concrete crew on-site completing the 11 stoops approved by the Board. The railings are ordered and are expected to be available mid-October. The concrete needs to cure for at least  10 days before the anchors can be fastened. We are planning on installing all of the railings the week of October 19th. 



9/23/2020- The first round of railings were delivered today and will be installed. The final delivery is scheduled for the first part of next week. After these railings are installed, the decks will be complete! We have requested the remaining materials be picked up. This is scheduled to happen this Friday, the 25th.

We have our concrete vendor on-site completing stoop replacement. The Board has selected 11 homes to be completed this year. He will be posting notices the day before he begins so please keep an eye out for these notices and follow the instructions. Unfortunately, the concrete needs to cure for around 10 days before the new railings can be bolted to the new concrete. During this time, there will not be any railings and we suggest you use an alternate entrance. 

On another note, the crew noticed many of the dryer vent exhaust and fresh air intakes are extremely dirty and are in need of a good cleaning. This is just a friendly reminder. 


9/17/2020-  All of the decks have been rebuilt and the new decking has been installed. This portion of the project moved along very efficiently. The privacy wall rebuilds and siding detail work is a much slower process. Unfortunately, the railings can not be measured until the walls are in place as they are fabricated off-site and require exact measurements. We are working on getting another crew on-site to help move this process along. Once the detail work is completed, it will only be a short time until the railings are installed. All of the decks on Sunny Way are completed as well as a few buildings on 15th Ave Ct. The project is getting close to completion. We appreciate your patience and cooperation. 



8/28/2020- The project is moving along ahead of schedule with the last two buildings on Sunny Way Ct. (11 & 12) set to have the railings installed next Monday or Tuesday. The siding repairs after the deck work is taking a little longer than expected and this is causing a slight delay in the railing installs.

The decks on 15th Ave Ct. have started with several buildings having the framing and/or footings, and decking installed. The siding repairs will be completed next with the railings to follow. We do apologize for the downtime created with these steps and appreciate your patience. Next year you will have all summer to enjoy your new maintenance free deck!



8/19/2020- The crew is moving along well with the framing and decking portion of the project. After tomorrow, all decks on buildings 1-10 should be completed with the railings getting installed tomorrow. There are still some siding repairs needed on buildings 11 & 12 but these should be finished next week.

The crew has moved over to the 15th Ave Ct. side and are working on building 13. Unfortunately, there is a lilac bush that will be lost to make room for the new larger deck. We are ahead of schedule and moving along. Thank you for your patience during the project. 


8/5/2020- The equipment has been repaired and the crew is back to full strength. They will be able to move from building to building as planned. At this point buildings 1, 3, and 3 are 100% complete with the final inspection completed by the city building official and permit signed off on. 


7/30/2020- The crews are working hard and they are moving along. With all projects, there are issues that arise. The machine that is used to install the new footings lost it’s track and needed to be brought in. This should be back on-site by next Tuesday. The crew moved onto one of the buildings that is only receiving new decking and railings to keep the project moving.

Today the railings for the rest of building 1, 2, and 3 were supposed to be delivered and installed. Due to COVID-19 all of the materials were not available. The railings that were delivered where installed today. We apologize for those of you who did not get your railings. The railings to finish up buildings 1, 2, and 3 are expected to be delivered and installed on Monday.

The areas where materials have been placed will impact the grass and require some turf restoration. The city would not allow us to place the materials in the city street. The association will have the lawn care vendor complete these repairs at the end of the project. 



7/23/2020- Building 1 is complete with only a few minor details to finish. Building 2 has started with a full rebuild on the backside of the building.

As mentioned before the patio doors are in rough shape and many are in need of replacement. The frame and wood framing “rough opening” around the door is rotted. This makes fastening the kick plate difficult as there is nothing to fasten them to.  We are working on putting together and estimate to replace the doors and will send this out as soon as possible. There  will be some variables depending on how much wall framing repairs are needed. 




7/22/2020- The first couple of days have been used to get a system in place. The first building is ready for railings and they are scheduled for install tomorrow.

We have found that the majority of the wood patio door frames are severely rotted and could be replaced just an FYI. The privacy walls will require more work than anticipated or full rebuild.This will likely slow the process down a bit but they will still make good time.

There are a few decks with satellite dishes mounted to the wood railings. These will need to be removed and cannot be reinstalled on the new aluminum railings. If these dishes are not in use, we can remove and dispose of them. If they are in service, please contact your provider and request they be moved to the roof with a com-deck mount. We can relocate the dish for you at a cost of $300. 



7/15/2020- The materials have been delivered and the community has been staged. The crew will be on-site this coming Monday, July 20th. They will be starting at building 1. Please make sure you have your personal items off of the deck and from underneath to allow the crew to complete the work. 


Please contact 612-254-7373 or Email Info@Atlasmn.com With any questions or concerns.