Southcross Village Condominium Association Storm Restoration Project 


Thank you for visiting the blog. It is dedicated to the 2020 building restoration project. Please visit the blog periodically for answers to frequently asked questions and project status updates. We appreciate your patience during the project.

This will be a long project with lots of moving parts. The project will include full roof shingle replacement, vinyl siding, fences, windows/screens, and any other building materials damaged from the hail storm. Your assistance will be needed at times to ensure the job moves as smoothly as possible.  


Please contact 612-254-7373 or Email [email protected] With any questions or concerns. 


On-site project managers 

Brian Maas Cell: 612-990-3087

Tony Baker Cell: 320-420-9408



The allowed working hours in the city of Burnsville is 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Our crews would like to work as late as possible when weather permits to limit the number of days your community is impacted by the work. The Board has requested all hammering be completed by 8:00 pm. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during the construction process. 


Place your trash and recycle bins out as normal and we will assist the driver as needed. 


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Siding color map


All dates are “Weather permitting” and are subject to change with little notice. 


Please refer to the below map and numbers for when and where crews will be working. The crews will be starting at building 1 (1801) and moving numerically from there. The siding crew will follow the roofing crew in the same order but will take much longer to complete the work. 

Restrooms, materials, and a storage container will be placed throughout the community as the crews move from building to building. We will do our best to minimize the impact on you but there is a lot of material and equipment needed to complete the restoration work. 



3/11/2021- The final step for the electricians will be completed next Wednesday, March 17th. They will be testing the function of the GFCI on the exterior outlets. By code, all exterior outlets are supposed to be protected by a GFCI and is required to pass the final inspection. Because the exterior outlets are protected by a GFCI located inside the home, you will need to reset them to restore power. We believe most of them are located in one of the bathrooms but they may also be in the kitchen or garage. I have included a video showing you how to reset and restore the power if you are not familiar.

If you have any questions related to this please contact Lawinger Electric at 763-200-6220.  



1/5/2021- The final building (2025 building 24) is set to begin tomorrow, Wednesday, January 6th. This is the last building to be completed. The electricians are scheduled to be back on-site next Wednesday, January 13th to install the electrical fixtures on building 2035 and any that are ready at the 2025 building.

We have been informed that there is currently no light maple fixture/electrical boxes in the entire country. Because of this, we are unable to install the light fixtures and plug-ins to the remaining homes with light maple siding. As soon as they become available, we will get them installed. At the moment, we don’t even have an expected time they will be available. 


12/21/2020- The siding crew is moving along well as they are nearly completed with the second building, 1933. The electricians are on-site today hanging lights and receptacles at 1913. Unfortunately, we are having trouble procuring the electrical boxes in the light maple color. This is why some of the buildings already sided, don’t have the electrical work done. Our suppliers are looking all around the entire country to get us what is needed. As soon as they are received we will get them installed and, all lights and receptacles will be installed. Thank you for your patience. 

12/15/2020- The next building is scheduled to begin tomorrow. The next building to begin is 19, 1933. Please look for the posted notices for additional information. The electricians will be back on-site after a few more buildings are completed. 

12/8/2020- THE SIDING IS IN! We received notice from our supplier that the siding for the last four buildings is in. The siding is scheduled to be delivered this Thursday, December 10th. We have the siding crew scheduled to begin on building 12 (1913) on that day as well. They will move on to the remaining three buildings 19, 28 & 24 (1933, 2035, & 2025) after they complete building 12. Notices will be posted on the garage doors prior to work beginning at each building. 

11/4/2020- The siders have finished up with the last building we have siding for. We are now in a holding pattern until more siding becomes available. There are currently 4 buildings left to be sided. Buildings 12, 24, 19, and 28 are the four remaining. We have been told by our suppliers that siding has an expected delivery date of the week of November 16th. As soon as the siding is delivered, the siders will return. Thanks again for your patience.

The electricians were on-site this week working on building 8. We are still waiting for the new UL boxes to install the receptacles. As soon as the boxes are available, we will have them return and get everything buttoned up. 


10/9/2020- We received siding from the supplier without notice for four more buildings. The Crews are currently working on buildings 23 & 25 and will likely finish them up tomorrow. There is siding available for two more buildings, 8 & 14. These buildings with start next week. This will again put us in limbo regarding siding availability. We will hopefully get more by the time 8 & 14 are finishing up but we don’t know for sure. After these two buildings are completed, we will have four buildings remaining.

We will work on getting the electricians back on-site next week to hang the lights and install the outlets on buildings 23 & 25.


9/23/2020-  The siders have finished with the last buildings we have siding for. We are hoping to get more for two more buildings (22 & 29) by the end of this week or the first part of next week. Please look for the posted notices if you are in the two mentioned buildings. The siders are currently working on the chimneys and will continue this until the siding runs out.

The electricians have installed all of the lights and outlets that can be at the moment. There are still a few outlets that need to have new siding boxes installed but we are waiting for them to be available. When the next buildings are done with siding, the electricians will be back out to hang lights and take care of any loose ends.

As a reminder, the exterior outlets are connected to and protected by a GFCI outlet. If you don’t have power at the exterior outlet, please check the GFCI in your garage, bathroom or kitchen. There are two buttons on these outlets, test and reset. Please push the reset button and this should restore power. If you have any questions. Please let us know and we will assist. 


9/15/2020- the electricians were on-site today to hang lights and outlets on buildings 10 & 13. There are a few outlets boxes that need to be adjusted by the sider. The siders are still working on 26 and 27. They are also working on the chimneys on the rest of the buildings as well. The electricians will return next week to complete the electrical work to these buildings. 



9/11/2020- A walkthrough of the community was completed yesterday to create a punch list for the electricians. We only identified three addresses where outlets were not installed. These homes have been documented and will be addressed the next time they’re on site. They will return next week to hang lights on the two buildings getting sided now, buildings 10 & 26.

As of now, there is only siding available for building 27. The supplier, ABC Supply, delivered the small amount of available siding around the community. This siding will be used to button up the chimneys on the buildings waiting for siding. We have still not heard anything different than the siding won’t be available until sometime in October.

We have noticed and been notified by owners that some of the lights are not turning on or will not turn off. Please be advised that the lights on the garages are controlled by a photosensor mounted in the soffit of the garage (see photo below). These sensors have a useful life and fail naturally. This issue is not caused by the restoration work. We have informed the electricians to replace them but we can only tell the ones that are stuck on, not the ones that don’t come on. 


9/3/2020- Many of the buildings have had the new lights installed. Once all of the lights are installed, the AC breaker/fuse box will be reinstalled as well as the exterior receptacle. If there’s no power at this outlet, please check the GFCI in your home as previously mentioned. If you are having trouble still. Please let us know and we will take care of you.

The siding crews are currently working on buildings 10, 13, and 26. At the moment we only have siding available for building 27. The crews will be working on these buildings for the next few weeks but there’s uncertainty regarding the material availability. We have been told by CertainTeed, the manufacture as well as ABC supply, our supplier that they are not expecting any more siding to be available until sometime in October.

We will continue to hang lights, install receptacles, complete small detail work and clean up the site while we wait for the siding to be delivered. We will make sure everything is buttoned up in the event siding for all buildings does not become available before winter conditions arrive. 


As part of the siding project new light fixtures and exterior receptacles “plug in” are getting installed. Lawinger Electric will be completing the work. As part of the work they need to make sure the plug in is GFCI protected or they will install a GFCI outlet.  If you notice something in your home does not have power, please check your GFCI in your bathroom or kitchen as many of the exterior receptacles are protected by these. You simply push the reset button on the GFCI. 

8/26/2020- the siding crews are currently working on buildings 11, 20 & 21. They should be close to wrapping up by the end of the week. They will be moving on to building 10 & 13 next. The electricians will be back on-site tomorrow and will continue to install the lights. The plan is to install the lights first and then circle back to install the receptacles and AC power boxes. 


8/24/2020- Due to COVID-19 the Certainteed siding manufacturing plant located Jackson Michigan was shut down for 6 weeks. They have since opened but at limited capacity. Please see the below email sent to us by the Certainteed Territory Manager, Kent Holme. 

Material Back Log email from CertainTeed (Click to view)

Siding Materials from ABC supply (Click to view)

I apologize for the inconvenience regarding the delay in our ability to ship you your siding for Southcross. This siding is manufactured in Jackson MI. When Covid 19 arrived, the state of Michigan shut our plant down for 6 weeks. Currently, due to state regulation, we can only operate on limited staff. Unfortunately, this has led to extended lead times. Again I apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused you and/or your customers, but this is a situation that is beyond our control.

Stay safe.

Kent Holme

Territory Manager, Certainteed.


Kent.holme@saint-gobain. Com


8/19/2020- The siding is a much slower process as previously stated. There are multiple crews on-site to try and move the work along. At the moment, building 1 through 6 have the siding installed with building 16 to be finished by tomorrow. Buildings 7 & 9 are expected to finish this week as well. Buildings 17 & 18 are being worked on now with building 20 starting tomorrow. Building 21 is set to begin the middle of next week. 

The electricians are hanging lights and installing exterior plugins as the siding gets completed. This process is slower than one would think. They are expecting to get caught up to the siding crews by the end of next week. Thank you for your patience with this. They are getting a system in place to get everything done more efficiently.

As previously mentioned, we are running into issues with siding material availability due to COVID-19. We are working around this as best as possible by completing the buildings we have materials for. We don’t have any concrete information from our supplier and/or manufacture but will keep everyone posted as best as possible. The current times are filled with uncertainty. 



8/12/20- The siding is a slow and steady process and apparently so is the appraisal process. We are still waiting to get a decision from the third party appraisal panel. This process is out of our control and we are eagerly awaiting to hear their decision.

We are currently working on buildings 7,9, 15 & 16. Due to COVID, the material supply chains have been severely impacted and certain colors of the siding are not yet available. We will be working on the buildings with the colors that are currently available. There is a lot of uncertainty due to the pandemic but we will keep everyone as informed as possible and keep the project moving along.

As part of the siding project new light fixtures and exterior receptacles “plug in” are getting installed. Lawinger Electric will be completing the work. As part of the work they need to make sure the plug in is GFCI protected or they will install a GFCI outlet.  If you notice something in your home does not have power, please check your GFCI in your bathroom or kitchen as many of the exterior receptacles are protected by these. You simply push the reset button on the GFCI. 



7/30/2020- The last two buildings will have the roofs finished today! Thank you very much for your cooperation. With the chaos of the roofs ending we can focus on the siding and smaller items like fence post caps. 

The siding on building 1 is getting close to being finished. Building 3 is also moving along well. We will have additional siding crews on-site to move this portion of the project along quicker. The plan is to try and start the siding buildings 2 & 4 either tomorrow or Monday. When the crews from buildings 1 & 3 complete their buildings, they will move onto 5 & 6. Please remember to look for the posted notices on your garage for the exact start date on  your building. These will be posted the day before the work will begin. 

Southcross Siding Replacement Notice click to view


7/28/2020- The siding crew is making progress on building 1 and has started building 3. The roofing crew is working on buildings 29 & 8 and will be moving onto 10 & 12 tomorrow. The weather looks like it’s going to cooperate and allow the roofs to wrap up this week! Thank you so much for your patience and cooperation during the roofing process. 



7/24/2020- Another hot one out there today. The roofing crews will finish up buildings 25 & 26 today and start on 27 & 28 on Monday. Buildings 29 and 8 will be completed next with buildings 10 & 12 and then 14 & 19. If weather permits, the roofs should be completed by the end of next week.

The siding at building 1 started today. The second siding crew will be on-site Monday, July 27th and will start on building 3. Again, the siding will take up to 10 working days. After this weekend the siding crews will work on Saturdays to move the project along. 

7/23/2020- The plan to start the siding at building 1 has changed as the siding wasn’t delivered yesterday. The plan is to start it tomorrow. The siding will have less of an impact on the residents. We ask that you don’t park your car in the driveway but don’t have to remove it from your garage. If you need to leave the garage please allow extra time so the crew can move out of your way. We will not be placing dumpsters in driveways but will have one close by in the street. Please use caution when leaving your home as there may be workers and falling debris.

At this point the roofing is on cruise control. Please remember to watch for the posted notices for the start of siding and roofing. 


7/22/2020- There was a typo in my last update as building 19 was not completed, it was building 18, my apologies for any confusion. The five buildings in dispute will be completed after all of the others are done.

Buildings 21 & 22 will be completed today and buildings 23 & 24 will be completed tomorrow, weather permitting. The detail siding crew has moved ahead and is removing the siding along the roof lines and chimney’s If you experience disruption to your satellite dish service, please email [email protected] or contact the on-site project manager Tony Baker as we have the equipment to realign the dish. 


7/21/2020- Another rainy Tuesday! Due to the weather, the starting of buildings 21 and 22 did not happen. They will begin tomorrow, weather permitting. Buildings 18 and 20 were completed yesterday.

Because we are still waiting on a decision to be made by the appraisal panel regarding the 5 buildings in a dispute over the siding, we will have our siding crew carefully remove the siding along the roof-lines so the roofing can be completed. Please look for the posted paper notices for when your building will receive the work.

The siding for the first couple of buildings is in. We will begin the siding replacement on buildings 1 this Thursday, weather permitting. The siding process will take much longer than the roof with an expected time of 7-10 working days. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Finally, on occasion from the hammering during the roof replacement, the HVAC exhaust ductwork may be knocked loose if it wasn’t secured properly during the original install. Please peak in your attic to confirm your bathroom exhaust and dryer vent ductwork is still connected. If you notice anything is disconnected, please reach out to Tony Baker at 320-420-9408


7/17/2020- The weather outside is frightful! The crews are doing their best to deal with the heat and keep the project moving. Buildings 16 and 17 will be completed today and buildings 18 and 20 will start on Monday morning. Please remember to move your vehicles out of your driveway when your building is getting worked on. We can’t be responsible for damage to a vehicle left in the driveway when notice is provided.

We are still waiting on the siding to come in. COVID-19 has created a real problem with manufacturing plants for all building materials. We will keep everyone informed as best as possible but the situation is out of our control. Thank you for your patience and have a good weekend. 



7/15/2020- The weather is beautiful and the crews are very happy with it. They are working on buildings 9 & 11 and will be moving onto 13 & 15 next. Please look for the posted notices on your garage door. We still have not heard back from the attorney regarding the appraisal panel’s decision. The siding is expected to be available by the end of next week. We are finalizing the siding crew’s schedule and will send out another notice once we have a solid plan.

The roof loading with the use of peaked pallets that was scheduled for today was postponed indefinitely due to the only crane operator needing to take an FMLA leave of absence. We will be roof loading the buildings as we go with the use of a boom truck moving forward. This will not impact our progress as the peaked pallets are a brand new way to load the roofs. This will mean a boom truck will be on-site almost daily to assist with getting the materials onto the roof. 


7/14/2020- Due to the risk of rain all day, the crews will not be working today. They will start on buildings 9 & 11 tomorrow morning. The rest of the community will be roof loaded as well. 



7/13/2020- Buildings 6-7 are in progress today. The next buildings to be completed are 9 & 11. We haven’t heard back from the attorney so building 8 and likely building 10 will be skipped for now. We will circle back when the decision has been made by the appraisal panel.

The rest of the community will be stagged over the next 2-3 days. There will be semi-trucks of materials delivered tomorrow, Tuesday, July 14th. The next phase of roofs will be loaded with the peaked pallets on Wednesday, July 15th and if needed, the 16th.

On Wednesday, access to the middle driveways will be needed to crane up the materials to the peaked pallets. On this day, please do not park in your driveway to allow enough space for the boom truck. 

7/10/2020- The plan for today is to finish buildings 4 & 5 and take the weekend off after a very hot week! The crews will start on buildings 6 & 7 Monday morning.

If we haven’t heard back from the attorneys regarding the appraisal of the 5 buildings in dispute, buildings 8 & 10 (1829 & 1905) will be skipped until we receive a decision. We have inquired multiple times about the panel’s decision but the attorneys have not received any decision as of yet.

The smaller detail crew will be moving ahead of the roofing crews to remove and prepare the areas where siding needs to be removed and the roof flashing replaced. These areas will have the siding secured as best as possible to prevent it from flapping in the wind. The chimneys will be rewrapped with a weather barrier “house wrap” to prevent water intrusion. All of these areas will be repaired when the siding is replaced. 



7/9/2020- The crews are moving along well. With building 4 starting today. Buildings 1 & 2 should wrap up the roofing work today. There will be a smaller detail crew working on the chimney stacks and preparing them to be re-sided. We were notified that trash day is on Friday. Please put your bins out as usual and we will assist the collector as needed to ensure all bins are emptied and put back on your property. 



7/8/2020- After a rainy day on Monday, buildings 1 & 2 were started yesterday and will be completed today. Building 3 will be started today and building 4 will begin tomorrow.

Please note the siding has been removed along the roofline to allow new flashing to be installed. The siding will be replaced/reinstalled as part of the siding work.

Please note that parking in front of the middle units prevents the trucks from being able to load and unload the dumpsters. Please do not park in this area. 


7/6/2020- Due to the rain in the morning and the continued threat for most of the day, we will be pushing the start for both buildings 1 & 2 to tomorrow. Better safe than sorry!




7/3/2020- The first round of buildings have been roof loaded with materials. The first two buildings (1 & 2) will have the roofing start Monday, July 6th, weather permitting. Dumpsters will be placed in select driveways during the roofing process. Those owners will need to park in guest parking areas not marked as reserved until the dumpsters are removed. Please look for the posted notices on your garage doors for additional information and the start date for your home. We expect each building to take 2-3 working days.

The appraisal panel met on Monday but we have not heard back from them regarding their decision. We will send an update out as soon as we hear what their decision is.

Enjoy the 4th of July and we will see you Monday, weather permitting.



6/25/2020- Beginning on Monday, June 29th we will begin having roofing materials delivered. They will start with building 1 and move numerically. We will be utilizing peaked pallets. This allows us to have all of the shingles loaded on the roofs and ready for the crews. They will be bringing the shingles in on semi-trucks and booming the shingles onto the peak pallets. This process will take two to three days to get the first round of buildings loaded.

We will also be completing the walkthrough with the appraisal panel for the five buildings in dispute over the siding replacement. This is scheduled for 11:00 am. We will be walking the buildings with a small group of people.1829- building 8, 1905- building 10, 1913- building 12,1925- building 14, 1933- building 19.

We have received a few requests to remove and dispose of old satellite dishes no longer in use. If you have a dish, not in use, please let us know by emailing [email protected] and we will remove and dispose of the dishes. 



6/18/2020- Due to an unexpected delay with the roofing materials the roofing start date will be pushed back to the week of July 6th. This will allow everyone to enjoy the 4th before we set up camp for the next few months. The appraisal for the 5 buildings not approved for siding replacement is scheduled for Monday, June 29th at 11:00 am. We will be accessing these buildings with the adjusters on this day. Please refer to the list below for the addresses and building numbers of the 5 buildings. The material storage container was delivered to the site this morning and will stay in this location for the duration of the restoration project. 


6/4/2020- The attorney representing the association has provided the below letter stating that work to the buildings not in dispute and needing to complete the appraisal process can begin. We have been waiting for the go-ahead before we could begin completing the restoration work.

TDJ to Board – final_letter to board (click to view)

There will be two roofing crews working simultaneously on two buildings. There will be roll-off dumpsters placed in driveways to dispose of the debris. We will do our best to limit the time these dumpsters are blocking your driveway. We will begin with the roofs and will start at buildings 1 & 2 (1801 & 1805) and work numerically through, skipping the buildings in dispute. We expect each building to take 1-2 days to complete. Paper notices will be posted on each garage door prior to work beginning. The roofing work is scheduled to begin the week of July 6th. 

The siding crews will follow behind the roofing crews with this working taking 7-10 working days. This work is much slower given the detail involved. There will be smaller detail crews completing any repairs to fences, gutters, and other building materials after the roofing and siding are completed. 


The buildings in dispute and requiring the appraisal process are as follows:

1829, building 8

1905, building 10

1913, building 12

1925, building 14

1933, building 19


Siding colors have been selected by the Board. The below photos are mock-ups of what each color will look like. Please refer to the map that indicates which buildings will be what color. Siding color map click to view. 

Granite Gray

Light Maple

Natural Clay

Savanna Wicker


Please contact 612-254-7373 or Email [email protected] With any questions or concerns.