Copper Ridge Restoration Project


Please contact 612-254-7373 or Email Info@Atlasmn.com With any questions or concerns. 


Thank you for visiting the blog. It is dedicated to the 2019 building restoration project. Please visit the blog periodically for answers to frequently asked question and project status updates. We appreciate your patience during the project. 


On-site Project manager Tony Baker

Cell: 320-420-9408


The allowed working hours in the city of Burnsville is 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Our crews would like to work as late as possible when weather permits to limit the number of days your community is impacted by the work. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during the construction process. 


All dates are “Weather permitting” and are subject to change with little notice. 




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Friday, 9/6/2019- The first two buildings are completed. Buildings 3 and 4 will be completed today. The crew will begin working on building 5 and building 6 will have the materials roof loaded. Everything is going well and the project should get wrapped up next week. Thank you very much for your assistance in making the project go so smoothly. 



Tuesday, 9/3/2019- The crews are moving along well. We have torn off and replaced the shingles on the first two buildings and will begin on building 3 tomorrow. Building 4 will have the materials roof loaded with work beginning on Thursday, the 5th. 



The project will begin on Tuesday, September 3rd with work beginning on buildings 1 & 2. We expect each building to take 5 to 7 working days. The crews will move on the next building(s) in numerical order.


While work is taking place to your building please:

Please move all recreational and motor vehicles from your garage while work is taking place. Please have your vehicles out of your garage by 7:00 am on the day work is scheduled to begin. 


Be prepared for the noise. Crews generally start early in the morning. There will be constant hammering during the construction process. 

Remove all loose items from wall shelves and walls. Hammering creates vibrations that may cause items to shift, move and fall.

Remove all items from around the exterior of your home where work will be completed. All reasonable efforts are made to protect personal items and landscaping, but construction debris will fall and cause damage to these items.

Access to your driveway will be needed to load and unload materials and for job site cleanup. 

Large delivery trucks may be needed to load and unload materials and dumpsters.

The use of power tools may be needed to complete the approved work. Access to an outlet may be needed. Please notify us if you have any concerns with this.  



Building product types

Please contact 612-254-7373 or Email Info@Atlasmn.com With any questions or concerns.