Cimarron Home Owners Association 2019 Roofing and siding project


Thank you for visiting the blog. It is dedicated to the 2019 asphalt shingle and vinyl siding Project. The four buildings above will be receiving the work. Please visit the blog periodically for answers to frequently asked question and project status updates. We appreciate your patience during the project. 


On-site project manager Brian Maas can be reached directly at 612-990-3087

Please contact 612-254-7373 or Email Info@Atlasmn.com With any questions or concerns. 


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Atlas roofing project (What to expect) (click link to view) 

7020 Pima Ln eagle view

7231 Pontiac Cir eagle view

1011 Pontiac eagle vie



All dates are “Weather permitting” and are subject to change with little notice. 



Friday, 7/26/2019- The first two buildings on Pima have been completed with 1011 Pontiac getting very close to competition. We will finish some remaining details and install lights. Some of the old lights are too big to reinstall on the new vinyl siding while others were broken or missing mounting hardware. We will address and lighting issues with the residents. The final building will begin next week with notices to be posted prior to work starting. 

1011 Pontiac Ln. 



Monday, 7/15/2019- The 7020 Pima building is nearing completion. Weather permitting we expect to finish on Thursday, July 18th. The crew will move onto the 1011 Pontiac Cir building when finished. The other crew is making progress on the 7030 Pima building. 



Friday, 7/12/2019- The siding is moving along well the first building, 7026 Pima is at about 50% completion with 7030 Pima finalizing the house wrap, window and door wrap and flashings. The siding process is much slower moving than the roofing. We suggested to the Community manager that adding shutters to the new siding would really look nice!


Thursday, 7/11/2019- The roofing is completed but we need to return to the first couple buildings and install the exhaust vents properly. We will need to access the attics to connect the ductwork to the vent covers. 


The siding is going on at the 7026 Pima building and the 7030 Pima building is getting house wrapped and flashed. The siding process takes much longer than the roofing. Thank you for your patience. 


Monday, 7/8/2019- The crews are back on site today. The 1011 Pontiac roof has been completed. The roofing crew has moved onto the 7231 Pontiac Lane building. They will complete half today and half tomorrow “Weather Permitting”. The siding is going on 7026 Pima Lane, the siding at the 7030 Pima Lane building is starting today. 


Happy 4th of July



Wednesday, 7/3/2019- One siding crew began working at the 7030 Pima Building. The 7020 Pima building will likely begin on Monday, July 8th. The roofing crew started the 1011-17 Pontiac Lane building, will take tomorrow off and return on Friday, “Weather permitting”. They will likely need to finish up on Saturday. We discovered the bathroom exhaust vents were not properly vented as they were dumping the warm air into the attic. The below photo shows how they were. We will be cutting in two separate exhaust vents. 



Tuesday, 7/2/2019- Both buildings on Pima Ln have the new roofs installed. The siding is scheduled to begin tomorrow at 7020-7026 Pima Lane. They will take the 4th off and return on Friday, “Weather permitting”

The roofing crew will move onto the 1011-1017 Pontiac Lane building tomorrow, take the 4th off and return to work on Friday.



Monday, 7/1/2019- The weather forecast is not looking great. The first building’s (7020-26) roof is done and the second building (7030-36) has been started but not finished due to the rain. The siding materials for these two buildings have been delivered. Weather permitting, the siding will begin tomorrow or Wednesday. 



Corrected project timeline and order. There was an error in the project order on the blog and emailed notice. The onsite project manager Brian Maas will post physical notices prior to work beginning. 


Wednesday, 6/26/2019- The roofing has begun at the 7020-7026 building and will likely finish up tomorrow. We are going to move onto the 7030-7036 building on Friday and Saturday then start the 1011-1017 Pontiac Ln building Monday and Tuesday. We will likely hold off for the rest of the Holiday week and resume work on Monday, July 8th. Happy Independence day!



The roofing and siding project is scheduled to begin Wednesday, June 26th at 7020-7026 Pima Lane. The crews will begin working at 7:00 am and will work until as late as possible to expedite the process and limit the impact to you and your neighbors. We expect the roofing to take 2-3 working days with the siding crew following closely behind. The siding work is estimated to take 7-10 working days. Both of these times are subject to change if issues are discovered behind the shingles and siding. 


The next building to be worked on is 7030-7036 Pima Ln with 1011-1017 Pontiac Ln to follow and finishing up with 7231 Pontiac Cir to finish up. The roofing crew will move immediately from one building to the next with the siding crew to follow. The estimated start date for this building’s roof is Monday, July 1st. With the Fourth of July Holiday falling in the middle of the week, we will likely take a few days off to let everyone celebrate America’s independence. 


Physical notices will be posted on doors at least 24 hours in advance of work beginning on the building to inform the owners of the exact start date. We do our best to stay on schedule but there are many variables at play during a project like this.  


Please contact 612-254-7373 or Email Info@Atlasmn.com With any questions or concerns.