Bearpath Homeowners Association 2019 Asphalt Road Replacement Project

Thank you for visiting the blog. It is dedicated to the 2019 asphalt replacement project. Please visit the blog periodically for answers to frequently asked question and project status updates. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience during the project. 


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Please contact 612-254-7373 or Email Info@Atlasmn.com With any questions or concerns. 


ACS and Atlas restoration will be completing the asphalt replacement of the highlighted stretch of road from the guardhouse entrance to the golf clubhouse. We anticipate the project taking 3-4 working days “Weather Permitting”. Access in and around the community will be heavily impacted during this project. Please exercise caution when you’re around the work area. 




The rain came in today around 10:00 am and forced the crew to head out for the day. The remaining areas will receive the final wear lift tomorrow morning with hopes of finishing by 1:00 pm


Thursday, 6/27/2019- Over half of the final lift was paved today before the rain came. A coat of tack oil is applied before the wear lift is paved. The new road looks great!



Wednesday, 6/26/2019- After a very long, busy dusty day of milling the first lift of asphalt is being paved. We appreciate everybody’s patience yesterday as there was a lot going on. Unfortunately, there is never a convenient time or way to replace an entire section of the main road and gated entrance. The paving is going much faster than the milling and will be done well before yesterday. 



Tuesday, 6/25/2019- The milling of the road is taking place as planned. The process is slow and steady but with the right equipment, the hard work is made to look easy. 

Tuesday, 6/25/2019- The crew is doing their best to control traffic and ramp all entrances as they go. We thank you again for your patience during the project and kindly remind you to use the alternate access point on English turn and Lake Riley Rd. The base gravel under the asphalt is crushed limestone and is in very good condition and will not require any corrections. 


All Dates and times are “Weather Permitting”

Asphalt removal “Milling” is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, June 25th at 7:00 am with two separate lifts of asphalt to be paved the following two days. 


An alternate access point at English Turn and Lake Riley Road will be opened for all residents and club members. All other visitors will need to enter through the main guardhouse and use caution. 


A few friendly reminders regarding the project:



  • Access in and around the community will be heavily impacted. Please exercise caution, allow for extra time and only access the work area when absolutely necessary.

  • Traffic will be allowed to pass through the area and will be controlled by the vendor.

  • Please be advised that access to homeowner driveways as well as access to the Golf Club may be delayed during certain times of the project.

  • Please be advised that the milling process scheduled for Tuesday, June 25th, does kick up rocks that will cause damage to vehicles if they are struck.

  • The asphalt is drivable after installation, however, please avoid turning your wheels when your vehicle is not in motion, as this can cause damage to the newly paved road.