1666 Coffman Condominium Association 2019 Concrete and asphalt project.

Thank you for visiting the blog. It is dedicated to the 2019 concrete and asphalt replacement project. Please visit the blog periodically for answers to frequently asked question and project status updates. We appreciate your patience during the project. 


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All dates are “Weather permitting” and are subject to change with little notice. 



Monday, 7/22/2019- All of the concrete has been poured and the asphalt is on the schedule for Monday & Tuesday, July 29th & 30th, Weather permitting. On Monday, the asphalt fire lane will be removed and hauled off-site, the base gravel will be graded and compacted and the paving will be completed on Tuesday. During this time, there will be large dump trucks and heavy machinery used to complete the work. The equipment does create noise and cause vibrations. Your ability to move around the community will be impacted while the crews are on-site. Please exercise caution. 

Purple areas to be replaced


Friday, 7/19/2019- The final pours were completed yesterday. There were flairs added to the end of the driveway to enhance the look and functionality. The sidewalks leading to the gazebos were also poured. This should do it for now. I have made the asphalt company aware we’re ready for paving. I will update the blog once I have a confirmed scheduled date. 



Monday, 7/15/2019- After a very long hot weekend of work the new red patio and gray driveway were poured. There were all hands on deck to get all of the concrete poured. Great job guys!


Project update provided by Jerry Buckridge 7/9/2019. 

The two front corners at units 111, and 112 are now poured with concrete. This is intended to relieve some of the drainage issues that have been a problem for decades. The patio and rear driveway are ready for concrete and will be poured on Saturday. There will be a large crew of concrete people here as well as a large pumping machine and the multiple concrete trucks required to pour all of the concrete needed on the south side of the building at one time. The terra cotta colored circular portion will be poured first followed immediately by the driveway portion.
The electricians have completed the road crossing that will allow them to provide service to the garden area. The conduits that will carry the wires to the gazebos are in place and ready for wiring.

On the east side of the south lawn, the final drain pipe has been installed under the road and is in place that will allow for the roof run off to be connected. This will allow the water to be carried into the lower section of the rain garden area.
Next up will be the 2 sidewalks that will connect the patio area to the gazebos. After all of the concrete work and infrastructure are completed the blacktop driveway will be removed and replaced with new blacktop.



Tuesday, 7/9/2019- The courtyards are in and looking. 



Monday, 7/8/2019- The crew is back on site today pouring the patios on the inside courtyards. Please keep off of the new concrete for at least 24 hours and don’t put anything on the new concrete for at least 10 days.

The radius and the driveway in the rear of the building are scheduled to be poured this week, weather permitting. The forecast as of now shows rain on Tuesday and Wednesday. 




Wednesday, 7/3/2019- The Sidewalks out front have been poured. Please do not walk on them for at least 24 hours and DO NOT set anything on them for 10 days. The front corners both east and west will be poured on Monday. The rear of the building is in process and moving forward. The drainage pipe is in and the final grade will be set by Monday. They will begin grading and setting the reinforcing steel starting Wednesday for the concrete pour. Concrete is tentatively set for Monday. 



Tuesday, 7/2/2019- The concrete work has begun in the front of the building. The main entry is unaffected but both the east and west entrances are going to be impassable for the next few days. Please use an abundance of caution as you come and go. 

  The rear driveway will be impassable to vehicular traffic until the completion of the products. The contractors are installing the drain pipes that cross the road today and have removed appropriate sections of the road to make that happen. Please plan accordingly.



Friday, 6/28/2019- The concrete crew will be on site “Weather Permitting” Monday, July 1st to begin working on the front of the building. The courtyards on each end as well as select sections on the front will be replaced during this time. Please exercise caution around the work areas. 



Wednesday, 6/26/2019- All of the concrete has been removed and hauled away. There is landscaping, drainage, and electrical work that needs to be completed before we can get set up and pour the new concrete. Notification will be sent out when this time comes. Thank you for your patience. 



Demolition and removal of the concrete is scheduled to begin Monday, June 17th “Weather permitting” Crews will work from 7 am to 7 pm Monday-Saturday for the duration of the project. 

During this phase of construction and continuing until completion please use the Southeast entrance door by unit 130 to access the private gardens. You can also use the Southwest stairwell exit door but be cautious as you cross through the construction area and avoid the central plaza by remaining on the park side of the fire lane.


Comments from Jerry Buckridge:

At the B&G meeting yesterday the consensus was that we should complete the first phase of the south lawn project rather than resealing and re-striping the front parking lot at this time. We will adding two sidewalks to connect the new circular-shaped patio to the gazebos and will still be reducing the overall amount of concrete on the South side of the building by about half. This first phase will include amending the soil that was originally underneath the existing concrete. We will be removing and replacing some of that dirt with topsoil in preparation for new sod. The underground sprinkler system will need to be modified to accommodate the expanded lawn. Along with the sprinkler changes we will be relocating the lights, adding electricity to the gazebos and extending the electrical service out to the garden area. We will also be installing some infrastructure to facilitate improved drainage (phase two) by placing 2 larger diameter pipes under the existing fire lane. All this work needs to be accomplished prior to the installation of the new concrete patio.
   Due to the amount of work that will need to be completed before placing the new concrete the schedule has been revised. The removal of the existing concrete will need to begin on Monday, June 17. There will be some heavy equipment involved this means disruption of access to the rear of the building and the garden area. During this phase of construction and continuing until completion please use the Southeast exit door by unit 130 to access the private gardens. You can also use the Southwest stairwell exit door but be cautious as you cross through the construction area and avoid the central plaza by remaining on the park side of the fire lane. The new concrete will be installed starting around the first of July.
   The proposed drainage plan is available for viewing in the arts and crafts room. As always I am available to answer any questions either by email or at coffee Saturday morning, or in passing in the halls.
   This will be a very busy summer and will affect everyone in the community. Please be patient, help your neighbors, and be cautious as the activity level on the south side of the building gets underway.


Please contact 612-254-7373 or Email Info@Atlasmn.com With any questions or concerns.