Willow Grove Condominium 2019 Building Restoration Project

Thank you for visiting the blog. It is dedicated to the 2019 building restoration project. Please visit the blog periodically for answers to frequently asked question and project status updates. We appreciate your patience during the project. 



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Please contact 612-254-7373 or Email Info@Atlasmn.com With any questions or concerns. 


All dates are “Weather permitting” and are subject to change with little notice. 


Final project beginning on Monday!


Friday, 8/16/2019- There was a lot of progress made this week as the hallways, stairwells, and common area lobbies, fitness area, and party room have either been completed or nearing completion. There is still be some detail work as well as the first-floor elevator lobby needs to be fixed. The carpet base in the hallways will be installed after the painting is completed.

The painting is scheduled to begin on Monday, August 19th with work beginning on the second and third floors. Please see the below notice and visit the Roell project blog for updates regarding the painting of Willow Grove. 

Roell 35 Nathan Ln Plymouth paint renderings (click to view)

Project Blog


Carpet project timeline:

Tuesday 8/6
The crew will begin putting the double glue down carpet in the 1st floor common area, and finishing the stairs.
A tech will scrape the rest of the padding off the 3rd level common area.
A tech will finish patching 2nd floor common area
Wed 8/7
The crew will be installing double glue down in the 2nd floor common area.  Time permitting they may start in the old hot tub room.
Thursday 8/8
A tech will float and patch 3rd floor common area.
Friday 8/9
The crew will install 3rd floor common area elevator lobby.
Monday 8/12-Friday 8-16
The crew will work on finishing the common areas.  We will know by the end of the week which days we will need to close down the party room.
Another crew will begin on hallways of the 3rd floor and work their way down.


Monday, 8/5/2019- The hope was to get all of the stairwells carpeted last week and get the painters started in them this week. Unfortunately, there were yet again a few issues with the concrete floor and a spot of previously damaged drywall that will need to be repaired. These areas will be repaired and the stairwells will be completed. In addition to the stairwells, the fitness, party room, and lobbies will begin having carpet installed. We apologize for the delays and appreciate everyone’s patience.  



Wednesday, 7/31/2019- The stairwells are getting new carpet installed. We will begin installing carpet in the common areas next week. This includes the elevator lobbies, fitness room, and party room. The following week we will have all hands on deck to complete the hallways in a hurry. 


Friday, 7/26/2019- The carpet removal and subfloor repairs are nearly completed with installation scheduled to begin in the stairwells next week. The new concrete steps were poured on Thursday, July 25th. The concrete needs to cure for around 10 days before the railings can be reinstalled. The concrete will be core drilled and the railing will be epoxied into place. 


Tuesday, 7/23/2019- The carpet crew will be back on-site today and will finish any removal and begin installing carpet in the areas without subfloor issues. The concrete steps were removed and the forms for the new steps were built. The stairs will be poured back today or tomorrow. 


Please be advised that the East concrete stair replacement is scheduled to begin on Monday, July 22nd “Weather Permitting”. The project will begin with the removal of the concrete steps. During the project, this entry will be shut down until the new steps are poured and allowed to cure. Please prepare for the noise and vibrations that will be associated with the removal and installation of the new steps.



Thursday, 7/18/2019- The repairs to the subfloor have started and this will remove the soft spots in the area. This has slowed the process and will delay the finishing of the project but this is the time to make the repairs. The crews have continued to remove the carpet from the rest of the building. They will begin installing the new carpet in the areas where there are no issues. This is the stairwells and elevator lobbies. The first floor is spancrete and will not have the same issues as the 2nd and 3rd floor. The order and schedule have been impacted due to the subfloor issues. We will do our best to keep you updated but we will be working all over trying to keep the progress moving. 

Subfloor repair process





Tuesday, 7/16/2019- After the carpet and pad were removed, we discovered several areas in the hallways that have failed subfloor. The issue appears to be with the plywood seam in between the floor joist. The subfloor installed was not tung and grove. This creates an unsupported weak spot on the floor and is causing the gypcrete to crack due to the movement. We are going to remove the areas of cracked gypcrete, install additional plywood to help support the weight and then install new gypcrete with. We are going to try this in two spots to make sure it will work before we make this repair to all of the areas. 




The carpet replacement is scheduled to begin on Monday, July 15th. and is expected to take 3 weeks. A tear-out crew will start on the 3r floor and move down from there. An installation crew will follow behind. Please exercise caution when you’re moving around the common areas. 

Carpet Notice Click to view



Tuesday, 7/9/2019- The brickwork is about 60% complete. They are expecting to finish up the middle of next week, weather permitting. 



Wednesday, 7/3/2019- Brick repairs are moving along well and will continue for the next two weeks likey. We are meeting with a Sherwin Williams rep Wednesday, July 10th. to create two color options for the hallway painting. We are expecting the carpet replacement to begin the following week of July 15th. A separate notice will be sent out prior to work beginning. Have a great 4th of July!


Thursday, 6/27/2019- The new lights are in and the difference is very noticeable. The brick masons are moving along well as the front of the building is nearing completion. 


Hallway light replacement is scheduled to begin Thursday, June 27th at 7:30 am. The work is expected to take two days.

Light replacement notice click to view

During the work, the power will be turned off to allow the electricians to safely replace the lights. The use of extension cords and temporary lighting will be utilized the help light the hallways while the work is taking place. PLEASE USE CAUTION WHILE THE POWER IS OFF AND LIGHT IS LIMITED. 

New fixture


Monday, 6/24/2019- the first couple of homes have had the lintel work completed and everything is going well. The crew will continue to work their way around the building. They will post a notice on your home the day before work is scheduled to begin.



Friday, 6/21/2019- The brick and lintel restoration portion of the project began yesterday with work beginning on the Northwest corner and moving in a counterclockwise direction. 

Brick project notice (What to expect) Click to view



Friday, 6/21/2019- The roofing project is nearing completion as all of the new TPO membrane has been installed to all sections of the roof. There is only detail work around the gutter scuppers, plumbing boots, and exhaust vent boxes. The custom bent metal cap flashing has been measured and will be installed after it manufactured off-site. 


Projects to be completed


1) Replace the TPO membrane flat roof. “Weather Permitting” starting Thursday, June 6th. With job expected to take 10-15 working days. Crews will be working 7 am to 7 pm Monday-Saturday. 


2) Replace asphalt shingles pitched roofs.


3) Tuckpointing and metal lintel protection.


4) Replace all common area carpeting.


5) Paint all common areas.


6) Install new wall sconce light fixtures. 


7) Replace east wing rear concrete stairs.