Fountain Woods II 6670 2019 Entry Stair and Landing Replacement Project

Thank you for visiting the blog. It is dedicated to the 2019 6670 entry stair and landing project. Please visit the blog periodically for answers to frequently asked question and project status updates. We appreciate your patience during the project. 


Concrete entry schedule notice (What to expect) Click to view


On-site project manager Brian Maas can be reached directly at 612-990-3087


Please contact 612-254-7373 or Email Info@Atlasmn.com With any questions or concerns. 



Entry now closed!


All dates are “Weather permitting” and are subject to change with little notice. 



Thursday, 8/22/2019- The project is now moving along well. We have all of the forms in place, the backfilling and sand cushion has been installed and all of the epoxy coated rebar has been placed. The inspection of the rebar is scheduled for tomorrow,  August 23rd at 1:00 pm with the city of Edina. Weather permitting the concrete is scheduled to be poured and washed on Saturday, 8/25. At this point, the concrete will need to cure for at least a week before we can fasten the railings to the concrete. 




Friday, 8/16/2019-  the flatwork crew is setting up all of the forms. We will need some additional backfilling completed to get the heights correct. After this is completed, they will begin installing the steel rebar. This needs to be inspected by the city before we can start pouring the new concrete. This will likely put us into the middle of the week of the 26th. There will likely be two days worth of pouring followed by another day of washing to expose the aggregate.

At this point, we will need to let the concrete cure at least a week before we begin the installation of the new handrails. After the concrete cures, the railings will get installed in a day or two. At this time we will have our final inspection from the city completed and the entry can be opened.

We will still need to build the planter box. The landscaping was not part of our job scope and will need to be completed by others. We will help facilitate if needed. I’m hesitant to give a finish date as there’s still lots of variables weather being the biggest. We are now at a point where progress will continue less the week of curing.



Tuesday, 8/6/2019- The foundation walls were formed and poured yesterday. The city of Edina was out to inspect everything to this point and didn’t find any issues. The forms were pulled and the waterproofing is on the schedule for tomorrow. We will schedule the backfilling after Edina completes the inspection of the waterproofing. 



Friday, 7/26/2019- The grade beams were poured on Thursday. We are now at the point of the project we should have been at after the first day of excavation. The concrete needs to cure for 5 days. On Tuesday, July 30th “Weather permitting” the foundation wall will be poured. Waterproofing of the building wall will be completed Friday, August 2nd. If everything goes as planned the concrete flatwork crew will begin setting up forms on Thursday, August 8th. 

Please note the condition of the soil after a full week without rain. 


Tuesday, 7/23/2019- The piers were finished up Friday. Please see the below links to the engineers’ observation sheet. We have the footing/foundation wall guy on deck and are just waiting on the custom steel to be fabricated. We will schedule the grade beams as soon as the steel is available. We expect the grade beams to go in by the end of the week. 

6670 Edina 7-18-19

6670 Edina 7-19-19



Friday, 7/19/2019- The piers are in and we are now ready for the footings and walls to go in. We will update the blog as soon as the date is confirmed with the installer. Please see the below photos and notes from the engineer. 

– Piers are completed and labeled in the attached photo.

– Pier 7 hit the top of existing caisson, so an additional (P9) pier was added directly behind it.  The P7 pier cap will be 8″ higher than typical, but will still be in grade beam for additional support. See attached picture.
– All piers have a bearing capacity of at least 27,405# or > 20% over the required capacity including a safety margin. (P7 bearing capacity is unknown, but it supported machine weight downforce while spinning pier for approximately 15 seconds)
– Sam’s will build a temporary berm across the ramp to help minimize water and silt in grade beam trenches.  See attached picture.
– If there is any rain between today and grade beam install the soil will be very saturated to wet.  The contractor may want to consider laying plywood to support concrete bearing on this soil during install.  Plywood may be left in-ground upon completion. Soil has been saturated but not wet for the last 2 days.  Pumping does occur from the vibration of machinery.



Thursday, 7/18/2019- The rain over the past week made the area less than ideal but the guys were able to get started on the piers. They are planning to have them in by days end tomorrow. Weather permitting we will get the cross beams and foundation walls installed by mid to late next week. 



Thursday, 7/11/2019- We got everything approved by the city of Edina. They required a testing agency as well as an engineer to be present during the Helical pier and concrete grade beam install. All parties involved were required to sign an acknowledgment sheet. The sheet, as well as the structural drawings,  were submitted and approved on 7/09/2019. The testing agency will be testing the steel and concrete while the Larson engineer will be overseeing the helical pier install. An on-site meeting with the engineer, pier installer, footing/foundation installer, and flat work installer took place this afternoon. 


Weather permitting, Sam’s will be dropping off their equipment Wednesday, July 17th and will begin pier install on Thursday morning. The ground beam footings and walls are tentatively scheduled for the following week provided the custom fabricated steel rebar is ready. After the walls are poured, the concrete will need at least 3 days to cure before backfilling around the new foundation walls can happen. At this point  After the backfilling takes place the concrete flatwork can begin. We will be in a good place at this point. Thanks again for all of your patience while we resolved the issue of the poor soil surrounding your building. 

City stamped documents (click to view)

6670 Vernon Ave Structural Drawings

Inspection schedule pg1

Special Structural Testing and Inspection -all signatures1

Friday, 6/28/2019- We are working with Larson Engineering Inc. and Sam’s Landscaping to design and install a “Helical Pile Foundation” for the entry stairs to be properly supported on. We are currently in the process of gathering all of the information required by the city of Edina. Please click on the below links for more information about the Helical Pile Foundation. We are hoping to have everything in order to begin the helical installation next week. 

SIGNED 6670 Vernon Drawings (Click to view)

Helical Anchor Inc Engineering Manual (Click to view)





Monday, 6/10/2019- While excavating the area, we were unable to locate solid enough ground to install the new footings on. We have contacted the engineer “Mattson, Macdonald, and Young who assisted with the drawings/building plans to work on a solution. Unfortunately, there was no way of knowing this beforehand. 



Monday, 6/10/2019- The heavy machinery made quick work of removing old steps. At this time, the entry will be closed until the new stairs are installed. The footings and foundation walls are going to be installed next. These will be inspected by the city of Edina.



The right tool for the job!



Due to circumstances beyond our control, the project start date has changed from Thursday, June 6th to Monday, June 10th. Weather permitting, the demolition and excavation of the area will begin on this day.


Projected work timeline “Weather Permitting”

Crews will typically be on site 7 am to 7 pm Monday-Saturday

Days 1 & 2 (June 6th & 7th) Demo or the existing and excavation of the work area. 


Week 2 (June 10th thru 14th) Install footings, foundation walls, build forms and have inspected. 


Week 3 (June 17th thru 21st) Continue to build forms, complete multiple pours and wash to expose the aggregate. 


Week 4 (June 24th thru 28th) Allow all new concrete to cure 1 week before installing new railings. 


Week 5 (July 1st thru 3rd) Entry should be open, planter box will be built. 



Please contact 612-254-7373 or Email Info@Atlasmn.com With any questions or concerns.