Plaza Apartments Association, St. Paul, 2019 Stair and Landing project.


Thank you for visiting the blog. It is dedicated to the Plaza Apartments stair and landing replacement project. Please visit the blog periodically for answers to frequently asked questions and project status updates. We appreciate your patience!


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Thursday, 8/22/2019- The concrete stairs leading to the basement of the 125 entry have been removed. The bollards were ordered and will be available first part of next week. The bollards will be installed, the new stairs will be formed and then poured next week. After the concrete cures, the framing crew will be back to install the stair stringers and 42″ railings.

At this time the landing can be reopened. Mark and I met with Jason of Current Electric systems today and we believe we have come up with a solution to the electrical/lighting of the stairwells. Mark created the below illustration showing the proposed setup and recommended fixture. Jason is putting a proposal together to complete the work scope. This proposal will be presented for approval before any work begins. 




Friday, 8/16/2019- We are having the materials organized today. You may resume parking in your spot if you have space. We will still need a spot or two until the rest of the materials are used.

We met with the city inspector on Wednesday the 14th to have the 127 and 125 framing inspected and no issues were found. The inspector also met with our railings supplier Minnesota Vinyl and Aluminum to discuss the secondary handrail and get everything approved before so they can be ordered. We were given a lead time of three weeks for these railings.

We have the 125 concrete work scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday of next week, “weather permitting”. We need to let the concrete cure for a few days before we can have the deck crew back to install the stairs and railings. Once this happens, we can open the stairwell for use. 

We were unsuccessful in getting the electrical company referred to us by Hardwire out to the site. I did, however, speak with Jason Savageau from Current Electric Systems. His company completed the installation of the interior stairwell lights. We have a site meeting scheduled for Thursday, August 22nd at 11:00. I’m hopeful they will be able to assist in getting the electrical up and running so the lights can get installed. 


Monday, 8/12/2019- There has been lots of progress made as all three entries have been demoed and two have been fully rebuilt. The 127 and 123 entries have been opened up for the residents to begin using again with caution. There is still detail work required to the brick that will be completed after all of the secondary handrails and flashings are installed. 

We are in the process of figuring out the electrical and lighting. The city inspector informed us that the existing wires can not be reused as they are not up to current building codes. We are meeting with a larger electrical company this week to figure out the job scope and cost.

We are meeting the building inspector and railing supplier this Wednesday, August 14th at 11:30 to inspect the framing and measure the secondary handrails. We have been given a lead time of three weeks on the secondary handrails. 

The 125 entry will be closed down for at least another week while we schedule the required concrete work. Due to the building placement on the property line, the city would not allow the wood stairs to land outside of the building perimeter. The solution to this was to pour the lower steps out of concrete and install a bollard on each side. The exterior landings were coated with a fire retardant. These additions were required to issue the permit for the 125 entrance.  



Friday, 8/2/2019- The 42″ guard railings are in! and the stairwell can be used if needed. The windows and doors of the 127 entrance have had the board removed. We are still working with the city and electrician to figure out the stairwell lighting. The current wiring is not allowed to be used for an exterior application but we are working with the Board to provide the best looking and functioning lighting for the stairwells. In addition to the lighting, the brick detail work, and secondary handrails still need to be installed. The stairwell can be used but please exercise caution until all of the work is completed. 



Thursday, 8/1/2019- The railings were delivered sands the post but we’re going to begin prepping the 123 entrance for the railings instead of demolishing the 125 entrance. We will send out another notice when the entrance will be shut down. We apologize for any inconvenience they may have caused. 



Wednesday, 7/31/2019- The 127 entrance is moving along well. We will be shutting down the 125 entrance tomorrow to begin the demolition of the final stairwell. We were told the railings could be available this Friday. When they’re available, we will install them at the 123 entry and open it back up. There will be some detail work remaining but this can be completed with the stairwell opened. 



Friday, 7/26/2019- Unfortunately, the railings have still not been delivered. We were told they could be in Thursday the 1st. We have the crew scheduled to return on Monday the 29th to begin demolishing the 123 entrance. All window and doors will be boarded up. We will need the North parking lot to stage the work area. A dumpster, lift and work space will be needed. Please have your cars removed by 7:00 am, Monday morning. As soon as the railings are in, we will get them installed and open the 127 entrance. 



Tuesday, 7/16/2019- The crew will be finishing up what they can today and will return when the railings are available. The dumpster and the lift will be picked up in the next day or two and will be delivered to the 123 entry when the demo of the entry will begin. When the dumpster and lift are removed, the residents can again use the parking spots. We will provide notice if we will need the space again to finish up the 127 entry. A separate notice will also be sent out with the staging requirements of the 123 entry. Thank you for your patience. 


Monday, 7/15/2019- Well the heat is on and the guys are still moving along. They are making progress everyday. We need to have our concrete guy out on Wednesday to cut out some of the concrete landing to allow the new code compliant stringers to fit in the ground level landing. We are still waiting for the aluminum railings to be delivered. If all goes well, we will have them by the end of next week. We apologize for the inconvenience as this is out of our control. We will need to pull the crew for a few days while we wait for the railings to become available. We do not want to shut down another landing until the railings are available.


Friday, 7/12/2019- The new framing is going in now. The process is slow and steady, but that’s how you win the race. The crew will keep at it until the new steps are in place. Have a great weekend. 


Wednesday, 7/10/2019- The demo went well and there were not to many hidden cans of worms. The fist stairwell will take a little longer as we apply the plan to the building. 



Monday, 7/8/2019- After lots of time spent with the city of St. Paul, the permit for the 123 & 127 entrances was issued. We will begin working on the 127 entrance tomorrow, Tuesday, July 9th. At this time, the stairwell will be shut down and all unit doors will be barricaded. Please use an alternate entry point until the new stairs are in. We are expecting the first stairwell to take 7-12 working days with many unknows possible once the demolition process begins. 

The amended plans for the 125 entry have been submitted to the city planner for review. We are hopeful that the final revisions will be accepted by the planning committee and the permit will be issued.


12/5/2018 Unfortunately, we received notice that the 42″ STAR aluminum railing system is 15 weeks out. We are very eager to get the project started but without having the railings to install, we need to hold off until they are available. We are continuing to work with the City of St. Paul to get the building permit issued. 


11/20/2018 We have submitted the drawings to the city of St. Paul and they have requested some additional information and changes be made by the engineer. Once the cities request have been met, they will issue the permit and materials can be ordered. 


The three stairwells have been approved for total replacement. Atlas will be shutting down one stairwell at a time and completing a full replacement before moving onto the next.