Ridgedale Towne Estates, Minnetonka, 2018 Concrete, and Asphalt project

Thanks for visiting this blog. It is dedicated to the Ridgedale Towne Estates concrete and Asphalt project. Please visit the blog periodically for updates. We appreciate your patience!


Please contact 612-254-7373 or Email Info@Atlasmn.com With any questions or concerns. 


Atlas Concrete_Asphalt project (What to expect) pdf link


8/17/2018 Hurray! today is the day you can begin driving on the asphalt. PLEASE DON’T PARK ON IT UNTIL 8/29. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PATIENCE. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  


8/16/2017 tomorrow normal traffic can resume within the community. This means residents can drive to and from their garage and begin parking inside them. PLEASE DO NOT PARK OR ALLOW GUEST TO PARK ON THE ASPHALT UNTIL 8/29 AND REFRAIN FROM TURNING YOUR WHEELS WHEN THE VEHICLE IS NOT IN MOTION. 



Lonely garbage can. This small can was not claimed after the bins were brought to the cul-de-sac. Please contact us if you are missing your small can.

8/14/2018 The first day of paving is in the books. The second day of paving will wrap up around noon and will be followed by re-stripping of the parking areas soon after. We would like to thank you for your patience during this project. The final product looks great and will last a long time. 

Please avoid turning your wheel/tires while stopped. This will leave surface marks but does not impact the integrity of the material. Surface marks are unavoidable on a surface that receives vehicle traffic. 

8/13/2018 As you can see, the asphalt is going in. As the previous notice requested, no vehicle traffic will be allowed for three days. We have made arrangements with the garbage company “Randy’s” and the Post Office for the week. 

All garbage cans will be brought down to the cul-de-sac and brought back up to your home Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Please mark your garbage can with your house number. If you have any questions please contact Justin Hamm 612-254-7373.

We have also requested the post office suspend delivery until Friday. If you need to get your mail you can pick it up at the main office located in Minnetonka. Please see the below for the post office. 

910 1ST ST S
HOPKINSMN 553437502

Lot Parking Available

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Last Collection Hours

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8/10/2018 All of the final heights have been set and the base gravel has been compacted. Weather permitting asphalt paving is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of next week. Please see the below notice that will be posted on site and contact us with any questions. 


8/7/2018 We are one step closer to completing the community-wide project. Today all of the cement curbing was installed and looks great. The next two days will be used to adjust the final grade and compact the base gravel before the asphalt lifts are installed. The garbage company did come into the community and pickup all of the trash and recycling. Please let us know if you did not receive your recepticle back after they were brought to the cul-de-sac last week. 

8/6/2018 The curb staking is almost completed and the crews are getting ready to start pouring the concrete curb using the machine on the top of the community. We are hoping the soil has dried enough prevent the machines from sinking. Comcast and Century Link have been onsite to reconnect all damaged lines. We are hoping Randy’s will drive into the community and pick up trash as normal. 

8/5/2018 The project hasn’t been free from difficulties. The communities soil is loaded with clay and has caused the preparation to take longer than expected. The clay in the soil creates soft spots and causes the asphalt and concrete to heave during the winter. While leveling out the soil, the machine tires sunk into the ground in several locations and damaged Comcast and Century Link wires. Because of the issues caused by the clay the curbs were not able to go in on Friday as hoped. We are hoping the curbs can be poured on Monday and Tuesday 8/7, but the rain over the weekend may push this back. We will need to determine the condition of the soil Monday morning and determine if we can proceed. We are deeply sorry for the heavy burden this has placed on your beautiful community. We want to give you the very best product and that requires removing as much clay from the soil as possible. 

8/1/2018 Day two is in progress and all of the asphalt and concrete curbing will be removed by the end of the day. Minor grading will take place tomorrow and all of the curb will be poured using a curb machine on Friday. The concrete will be allowed to dry over the weekend and paving will take place on Monday “weather permitting” 

7/31/2018 The trucks are unloaded and the milling has begun.

Please park in the locations marked in the map below from 7 am to 6 pm daily. 

Each evening, when work is complete, you may use the roads, parking areas, and your garage.

Please use extra caution with children and pets. 

The projected plan is a follows: Today and tomorrow the asphalt and concrete curbing will be removed and hauled off-site. Thursday 8/2 and Friday 8/3 The new curbing and mailbox pads will be installed. The following Monday 8/6 and Tuesday 8/7 paving will take place. All dates are weather permitting. 

Additional notices will be posted prior to installing the new asphalt. 


The planned start date of Monday, July 23rd has changed due to the weather and the schedule of the industrial milling machine that is going to be used to help remove all of the asphalt in the community. This machine is essential to efficiently remove the asphalt and move the project along quickly. I deeply apologize for any inconvenience this creates and greatly appreciate your patience. The new expected start date “weather permitting” is Tuesday, July 31. The same arrangements for parking will be made with the Minnetonka Police department. 

The Minnetonka police department was contacted and a parking variance was requested and granted. From 7/23-7/31 all residents will be allowed to park on Sherwood place and the cul-de-sac as well as Pine Island Rd. Please be mindful of the owners that live on Pine Island Rd and not park near mailboxes and driveway entrances. Additional information will be provided as we work through the project. 

TruSeal America will be completing the concrete and asphalt install. Please direct all questions and concerns to Atlas at the contact information provided. 

With a job of this size taking place, there will be a heavy burden placed on the community. We will do everything in our power to make this process move as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, the weather will play a huge role throughout this process and create quite a mess if there’s rain after the asphalt has been removed.


The projected plan is:


The Week of July 23rd-27th “Weather permitting” all major work will be completed.

1. This will begin on the 23rd with all asphalt and selected concrete curbing being removed and hauled off-site to be disposed of.

2. On Tuesday the 24th the surveying and heights will be set as well as the concrete curbing will be installed.

3. Wednesday the 25th  will be used to finish any curbing and compacting the base gravel. 

4. If the weather cooperates all asphalt will be paved by the end of the week. Please expect long working days. (7 am till sunset) 

Special request: 

Access to the community will be limited during this week. While the workers and their equipment are onsite, please keep all vehicles out of the community. The city will be contacted and parking on the surrounding streets will be permitted. On the day(s) the paving takes place no traffic will be allowed. We request everyone stay off the asphalt for at 3 days. Limited traffic for emergencies is possible but marks may be left on the asphalt. It’s very important to not turn your wheel/tires while you’re stopped as this will leave marks on the surface. 

Before the community-wide Concrete curb and asphalt replacement is completed. The drainage issues impacting 12601-12615 Sherwood Place was completed. This project addressed the issue of moisture saturating the soil and damaging the foundations, garage floors, and asphalt. A Draintile system was installed along the garage foundations after they were repaired. The clay soil was removed along the foundation and replaced with gravel. The concrete garage floors were poured 7/9-7/10 to complete this step of the project. 



Please contact 612-254-7373 or Email Info@Atlasmn.com With any questions or concerns.